Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Review: Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam

Hello everyone! Today I'll review one more product of my f2plus1 haul. :) I've been looking for a good cleanser for quite a while before I found out about the Etude House Baking Powder cleansing foam. Needless to say, I purchased it. :) These are my opinions after exactly two weeks of testing it.

Source: f2plus1

This cleanser also comes in a BB-Cream removal version, which comes in a pink tube! I'm reviewing the normal version.


The Baking Powder Cleansing foam comes in a very clean looking blue tube, that is originally sealed with a silver seal to prove that the product is unopened and unused. I cannot show you any pictures of it since I've forgot taking some before my first use. T_T

One tube contains 170ml of product and you can get it for 11USD at f2plus1 :)

I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pictures but I took them when it was already dark outside. x_x" Ooops. 

On the back of the bottle, instructions are given in Korean as well as in English. :) 

Since the cleanser comes in a tube, it is really easy to get the right amount of product out of the packaging. 

Samples of usage:

So, in this paragraphs you will see my naked skin so if you're grossed out by close-ups of pores, please skip these pictures!

For correct usage, you should apply a pea-sized amount of product on your hands, create some foam by rubbing them together and then apply it to your wet face. :) 

This is slightly more product than what I use every day.

My bare skin before the cleanser has been applied! There is still some BB cream and some make-up there as I haven't removed it prior to cleansing. (does not include my eye make up, I always remove it beforehand!)

(uuuugly. x___x)
This is how the foam looks once it has been applied to your face. :D

And this is how my skin looks afterwards. :)

So now that you have an idea how the cleanser works for me, let me tell you how good it really is.
You can already see some small differences from my first picture to the last, but the really effects that this cleanser has are shown on the long run. It helps my skin really well to prevent breakouts and dry patches and it also helps to clear out existing breakouts. I suggest you to apply some other breakout-care product on your spots in addition to this cleanser, because that's how I've done it as well. :)
Another plus point is that it helped me keep my skin clean of most impurities during the whole time I was sick! 

Additionally to the already mentioned effects, the cleanser makes your face feel really squeaky and clean after you've washed it off. :) Once your skin has dried, it will be really soft and smooth! Don't forget to apply some moisturizer afterwards, though.

The advertisement by Etude House states that the cleanser is not pigmented at all and has 100% natural flavours, which is a big plus because it means that it won't break you out that easily if at all! The scent itself is really fresh and -to me- it smells a lot like lemons and oranges. :) I like it a lot.

You probably won't be able to tell, but you will be able to feel it when you apply this cleanser: There are small exfoliation beads inside of the foam that are supposed to free your skin from dead and old skin cells. They are definitely there but they are not too harsh to your face, either. It's more like a soft, gentle exfoliation.

Make-up removal:
I think that this version does a decent job at removing make up. Even though I don't use the BB cream version, it does remove a lot -if not all- of my BB cream from my face. It is not meant to remove eye make-up as you're not supposed to get it into your eyes! 

Nice short and long term effects
100% natural flavours
gentle exfoliation
helps to control breakouts
hygenic tube packaging

not made for removing eye make up

Repurchase? Definitely! If I ever run out. I think I'll purchase the BB-cream removing version, though.

Where to buy: I got it at f2plus1 for 11USD. :)

This product has definitely become one of my Holy Grail products! What are yours? What cleansers do you swear by? Let me know! x

- Elina 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sample Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001 and RD301

Hi everyone! I was actually planning to post this review sometime next week since I've already shared my thoughts on the innisfree lip concealer with you today but I just couldn't wait to share my excitement! With my order at f2plus1, I received a bunch of samples. :) They just happened to give me some lip tint samples that I instantly fell in love with. Let me tell you why. ~

Source: eBay

The colours I am going to present you today are RD301 and PK001, also known as Cherry Red and Cherry Pink. The other colours available are OR201 "Cherry Peach" and PK002 "Cherry Hot Pink". They came in these lovely little packages:

Even though they are just normal sample packages, I just had to take pictures of them because the cherry print is just too adorable. :3

I got two samples of RD301 and two of PK001. I have used latter 3-4 times now and it still isn't empty! The sample sizes definitely are generous.


Once again, my bare lips. :)

A lovely, sheer pink colour. :) This was the first of the samples I opened and I was really surprised as to how smooth it felt on my lips and how much moisture it provided! It is more watery than the Etude House Rosy Lip Tint but it feels much better on the lips this way. 

A darker pink colour with a touch of red. I think that this colour is perfect for creating gradient lips as it is not as sheer as PK001. It's definitely more pink than red, though! Not as in the advertisement. :) 

Lasting Power:
I think both of them last better than the Etude House Rosy Lip Tints, but after 6 hours, they will have lost their shimmer and will need to be touched up. 

I think both lip tints provide a decent mositurizing effect and feel very light on the lips. :)

It's a beautiful glossy finish. :)

Very light on the lips
Beautiful colours, when not 100% true to the ad

None, really :)

Purchase? YES! I will probably buy every single one there is. 

Where to buy: PK001, RD301 for ~7USD each.

What do you think about these liptints? Have you tried them before? Let me know! <3 x

- Elina x

Review: Innisfree Tapping Lip Concealer

Hi everyone! Are you doing okay? I hope you are. :) I for myself have been constantly sick for like two weeks now. x__x Oh well, let's get into the review, shall we? :)

Today, I will share my opinion on the Innisfree tapping lip concealer.

Source: eBay


What I like especially about innisfree's products is that they come wrapped in recycled paper and that they use soy ink to print their packaging. :) The whole concept of innisfree seems more eco friendly than of other brands, which makes the brand seem more mature in general.
They also don't follow the trend of cute packaging over content, which I also really like. :)

They only really give you the korean information on the packaging so you will have to do some research on your own if you want to know what the product itself consists of. 

In this picture, the product seems really dark, but don't be fooled! It's not that dark actually.

Don't be fooled either by how big this little jar looks like in the photos! It contains 3,5g of product and it fits into every travel sized make up bag. :) It's actually not that much bigger than a coin. 

I know that some people are really concerned about hygenics so this might be a turn-off for you: There is no brush / spatula included so you will either have to use one of your own or you'll have to dip your fingers into the jar to get the concealer out! I found that using a brush is kinda difficult because the product seems like it needs to warm up a bit before its used. 


Bare Lips

With concealer

So as you can see, the concealer does a really good job on my rather rosy lips. :) I found that is has quite a good coverage after a couple of tabs. If you have a darker lipcolour than I have, you might need to apply a second layer to get similar results. 

I have very sensitive lips that need a lot of moisture but this product -unlike many others- did not dry my lips out at all! They felt really silky and smooth after applying the concealer, even though I did not put any lip balm on beforehand. :) Big plus!

Staying Power:
I think that depends on the lipstick you apply over it. 

Really good coverage
Nice moisturizing effect
Nice amount of product for a small price
Eco friendly packaging

Not very hygenic

Repurchase? If I ever run out, yes. :) 

Where to buy: f2plus1 eBay for 6,30USD

What do you prefer to use in order to get a nice nude lip colour? Concealer or Lipstick? Tell me, please! x

- Elina x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Review: Etude House Rosy Lip Tint #4 & #7

Hi everyone! I finally got around to write one more review of the ones I've promised. Today, I'll share my opinion about the Etude House Rosy Lip Tints with you. :)

(Source: eBay

Out of this beautiful selection of colours, I got myself #4 (Sweet Poison) and #7 (Tea Rose). I think both of them are gorgeous fall colours. :)
I got them from eBay for roughly 9$ per piece. 


In my opinion, the packaging is one of the most gorgeous ones there has ever been! Etude House really though of something for their collection. Normally, I throw away packages of lipsticks & so on right after I get them but these are just too cute I might even keep them. >3<

Besides the Korean instructions, Etude House also included an English translation so it is easy to use, even as a foreigner. 

The plastic tubes come with detachable sponge applicators. I'm not a big fan of them but since you can take them off it's not a big deal. :) One thing is really tedious, however: The plastic tubes are REALLY hard to squeeze, which means getting the lip tint out of the packaging is actually quite a hassle. This has prevented me from using them a couple of times already because I was just too lazy in the morning to get through the whole squeezing process. :(


Bare lips 
#4 Sweet Poison

#7 Tea Rose

 I'm sorry that the application looks a bit messy but that's because I actually tried to do full lips with the sponge that is included. Needless to say, I don't really like it.

#4 Is definitely my favourite out of those two! I love the pink tint with a slight hint of purple. I think it goes soo well with the latest fall trends and it really makes my lips pop. The coverage of this one is really good in my opinion, but you will need an extra layer to acheive the colour I have on my lips.

#7 Kind of disappointed me. It looks like I'm not really wearing any liptint at all. It took me a lot of product to acheive this look since it's quite sheer. I thought it would be more of a nude beige than a pink. :S

Moisture: Since I have very dry lips, moisture is always a big point when I select lip products. Unfortunately, those lip tints are really drying out my lips and I need to treat them with lip balm every 1-2 hours, making the tint fade. :(

Staying Power: I honestly have to say that I didn't expect them to stay on my lips that long! Especially when applied as gradient, they hold up to 6 hours + drinking. :)

Texture & Finish: For my taste, it's a little too creamy for a lip tint. Its creamyness actually makes it hard to apply with the sponge applicators.
The finish is matte, which I like a lot. :)

Other Usages: Etude House claims that this lip tint can also be used on your cheekbones and as eyemakeup (mixed with bb cream) but I haven't really tested that out yet. If you're interested in how it's done, you can check out Kirsten's Review on the Etude House &Rose collection lip tints, she already tested it and I think it looks really good. :)

I already created a gradient lip look with #4 that I thought I could share with you again in this post. :)
For this look, I used Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream on my lips to cover my natural colour up. I actually like the look of gradient lips more than the look of full lips because it's more subtle and I feel more comfortable with them everyday.


Nice colours
Long lasting power
Doesn't smudge that easily
Nice for gradient lips


The packaging!!!! TT__TT

Repurchase? Probably not. There are soo many more liptints I want to try and the packaging is such a huge turnoff that I would not purchase more lip tints of this kind. I really like the prduct, don't get me wrong, I just wouldn't spend more money on them than I already have. :)

What do you think of the Rosy Lip Tints by Etude House? :) Tell me! x 

- Elina

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Review: Missha Pearl Eyeliner

For my first review of many, I chose to review the Missha Pearl Eyeliner!

(Source: eBay

I initially ordered this product to acheive the famous dolly eye look that many Ulzzangs are known for without having to use eyeshadow that likes to slip off my inner eye corners during the day. First of all, it does the job pretty. well. :) 


 Really simple but pretty handy! The eyeliner is not too big, so it can easily fit into your everyday make up pouch for some little touch-ups on the go. I think it looks really modern and not cheap at all. I like how Missha doesn't go with the cutesy-trend, too. :) The brush is small but not too small. I think it's just big enough to draw precise lines.

As you can see, the eyeliner is not like a consitent, pearl colour but more like many small, pearly glitter bits combined with some transparent eyeliner. I did not wait for it to dry to show you how it looks like blended, so you can see the glitter I was talking about. :)
I also noticed that if you don't use enough eyeliner, it tends to smudge and get out of place easily. :(

Sadly, this eyeliner is not waterproof. I took this picture after washing my hands with cold water (no soap) and you can see that not much of it stayed on. 

So, the eyeliner claims to be 
(1) moisturizing )
I will skip this one because I don't know if an eyeliner can actually be moisturizing. I have not, howerver, noticed any dry spots so I guess it is true.

2) waterproof
A clear no. Not a big deal for me, but for some of you it might be. 

3) fast drying
Yes, definitely. I'm really impatient when it comes to how fast eyeliners dry but this one was really quick! 

I got it on eBay for around 6US$.
On the Missha website, it costs 3.500 Korean Won.

To show you how it looks like worn, here, have some selfies. :D

Really flashy
Makes your eyes look bigger
Small packaging
Considerably cheap
Decent staying power

Not Waterproof 
glitter flakes instead of pearl colour

I hope you enjoyed what I have to say about this particular eyeliner! :) Thank you for reading!
Would you want to try out this product? Let me know! x
- Elina x

P.S.: I got a new cellphone so my selfies have a much higher quality than before. :3 

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