Monday, 7 October 2013

How to prevent your skinny jeans from getting baggy.

Hi everyone. :) It's been a while.

Today I'm writing about something that has bothered me a lot lately. Is it just me, or do jeans seem to get like 2 sizes bigger the moment you leave the store? Even if I had found a pair that would fit me perfectly, a week later they'd be too big.
This was really bothering me so I found some tricks to keep your skinny jeans skinny. :)

As an example I'm going to compare some H&M skinny jeans / jeggings I bought at the beginning of this summer. When I first put them on they were really thight. This is what happened after I wore them for 10 minutes. Now, they don't even stretch back after washing them.

Yuck!! They have grown 2 sizes! 

Now, to compare them to some Zara jeans (labelled as Jeggings) I bought a month ago. This is day 2 of wearing them, after getting washed multiple times:

See what I mean? They are still as tight as ever. :)
(excuse my big thighs lol it's such a bad angle) 

So what makes the big difference between those two? Well, It's actually quite easy:

1) Materials:

H&M: 67% Cotton, 30% Polyester, 3% Elasthane
Zara: 98% Cotton, 2% Elasthane

So, the more cotton = the less they stretch over time. This rule may not be true for all brands, but since I've paid closer attention to the materials of my jeans, I've always been satisfied. Even my 10€ Primark Jeggings with 98% Cotton lasted way longer than the H&M jeans.
When it comes to stretching fibers, Elasthane is generally better than Polyester because it's meant to stretch back to its original state: :) Be careful, though! If you buy 3% Elasthane jeans, they stretch way more than those with 2% in them! That one percent really matters a lot.

2)  How to wash them:
I don't know how to stress this enough but you have to pay attention to how your jeans are supposed to be cleaned! Otherwise the material will eventually turn brittle and they stretch, regardless how much cotton they're made of! Also, if you wash your jeans properly they should usually shrink back to their usual state every time you wash them.

3) Wear belts:
This tipp is really good if you're wearing your skinnies for the second day and they have stretched a little. The belt will keep them in place so they don't slide down and give you the "baggy-knees-look". :) You can also try to fold up the bottom, like I've done on the photos, so they don't slide up. This mainly happens when they're a tiny bit too long. :)

4) Avoid sitting / bending your knees completely:
This may seem a little silly but it's probably the only way to keep your jeans in their natural state, because if you bend your knees a lot, the jeans material will bend as well. (if they wouldn't the jeans would simply rip and we don't want that, right? ;) )
So, if you really want to take care of your jeans, you should avoid riding the bicycle with them.

5) If possible, air-dry them
I know that not everyone has the possibility to, but if you can, it would be the best to air-dry your jeans. Tumble-drying makes the fibers more brittle, causing them to strech. If you have to tumble-dry them, though, I advise you to use a very gentle setting.

I hope these tips help you maintain the tightness of your skinny jeans. :) 

Do you know some brands that are known for producing tight jeans? If so, let me know!

- Elina x


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    1. Thank you for inviting me! :) <3 ~I'll make sure to participate

  2. lol good tips! I hated how they always got ruined in the wash so now i resorted to wearing tights/leggings/yoga pants. much more comfy too *-*

    1. Thank you! x Leggings are a good alternative too but I get so cold in winter, I can barely step away from my lovely jeans. :,D


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