Thursday, 10 October 2013

I got a new haircolour. :)

It took me almost two years to dye my chocalate brown hair back to my natural hair colour, which is an ashy shade of blonde. I was very content with my hair colour, until a couple of days ago. I really don't know what happened, but I suddenly felt the strong urge to dye my hair again.
I took some pictures before I did it of course because I know that many of you aren't exactly familiar with my hair colour yet. :)

(I'm barely wearing any make up in these pictures ヽ(#`Д´)ノ) 

Soo I dyed it back to brown, hehe. (×_×;)
This is the outcome! (beware of the shameless selca galore ^^° )

(am I ulzzang yet? .___. probably not lol)

This is the hairdye I used

Including a full list of ingredients

I got my haircolour done at home by my mom who used to be a hairdresser so you could say it was done semi-professionally. :3 I hate getting my hair done at a salon because the hairdressers there usually manage to screw up the smallest tasks. OTL

Anyway ~~ I also got some Pocky today because why not. ^^

What do you think of my latest change? Does it suit me? Tell me please! <3 ~

Elina x 


  1. I think this color looks very good with you! Good choice! I liked when you were blonde too but this color gives you a more vibrant feel? lol I don't know but you should keep it! :)

    1. Thank you! I think it brings my eyes out a bit better lol. :3

  2. Oh really beautiful color I thinks match better with you and makes looks more girly.

  3. Aww you look gorgeous with brown hair! Your hair looks very healthy and silky!


  4. I think brown looks better + your blue eyes are so pretty ! am jealous ! ^^"

  5. ohhh never heard of that hair dye brand before!!
    tehehe your hair look really pretty!!!
    I think you look fairer with brown hair~
    xxx Charmaineeeee

    1. I usually buy my hair dye at the hairdresser's directly so that might be why. :3 You can't even get it at normal shops here.
      Thank you< 3 xx
      Pocky are the best! I wish they sold the strawberry flavoured ones here. Q___Q

      xx Elina

    2. LOVE POCKY!!!!
      lol only have the chocolate, strawberry and "milk" flavour ones here~
      hehe should go japan and just try out ALL their pocky~


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