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Sample Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001 and RD301

Hi everyone! I was actually planning to post this review sometime next week since I've already shared my thoughts on the innisfree lip concealer with you today but I just couldn't wait to share my excitement! With my order at f2plus1, I received a bunch of samples. :) They just happened to give me some lip tint samples that I instantly fell in love with. Let me tell you why. ~

Source: eBay

The colours I am going to present you today are RD301 and PK001, also known as Cherry Red and Cherry Pink. The other colours available are OR201 "Cherry Peach" and PK002 "Cherry Hot Pink". They came in these lovely little packages:

Even though they are just normal sample packages, I just had to take pictures of them because the cherry print is just too adorable. :3

I got two samples of RD301 and two of PK001. I have used latter 3-4 times now and it still isn't empty! The sample sizes definitely are generous.


Once again, my bare lips. :)

A lovely, sheer pink colour. :) This was the first of the samples I opened and I was really surprised as to how smooth it felt on my lips and how much moisture it provided! It is more watery than the Etude House Rosy Lip Tint but it feels much better on the lips this way. 

A darker pink colour with a touch of red. I think that this colour is perfect for creating gradient lips as it is not as sheer as PK001. It's definitely more pink than red, though! Not as in the advertisement. :) 

Lasting Power:
I think both of them last better than the Etude House Rosy Lip Tints, but after 6 hours, they will have lost their shimmer and will need to be touched up. 

I think both lip tints provide a decent mositurizing effect and feel very light on the lips. :)

It's a beautiful glossy finish. :)

Very light on the lips
Beautiful colours, when not 100% true to the ad

None, really :)

Purchase? YES! I will probably buy every single one there is. 

Where to buy: PK001, RD301 for ~7USD each.

What do you think about these liptints? Have you tried them before? Let me know! <3 x

- Elina x


  1. they look so pretty on!

    following! <3

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    1. Thank you!! <3 x I'll check out your blog! <3 Thanks for reading. :3

  2. That lip tints are really pretty I love it the package, I have 2 color of that product and is really pretty and cute~
    That samples looks really pretty on you.

    1. I love how suitable they are for everyday make up. :) Thank you for reading, Sakuranko. :D <3 x

  3. sooo pretty! I wish my lips weren't s dry all the time. Tints don't really last as long on me bec they're too uncomfortable without lipbalm <3

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I always smudge my tints off because I'm using so much lip balm. q^q
      Oh well, dry lips problems :(
      Thank you very much for reading! <3 x

  4. love your blog sweetheart ^^


    ~ ~

  5. I have been eyeing this product for a while, and I just so happened to get samples on RD301 and PK001 each. Now that I read this I can't wait to try it :D

    I wanted to know how long will one sample last and then I came across this post, so thanks! :)


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