Friday, 1 November 2013

Introducing: Beautynetkorea aka f2plus1

Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well! :)
Now that Halloween has passed, I'm in a surprisingly good mood and I can't wait for Christmas to come! I used to be one of those people who get easily annoyed if they see Christmas decorations in November but this year I'm in a completely different mood.

Even though I still have some products left to review, I thought I'd write about something a bit different today. I would like to introduce you my go-to online store for Korean Cosmetics and Skincare:

also known as

When I made my first purchase at said eBay store, I did not actually know that they also run a website. I was pleasantly surprised when I followed the link on the little business card that came with my products. 

On the website itself, you can filter the products by popularity, type and brand. Beautynetkorea also offers a category dedicated to Men's items. :) I think that the website is really well structured and if you really can't find the exact item that you're looking for, there is a search panel on the top right to solve that problem. 

The eBay store has a very similar structure to the website. :) 

Variety of Products
Beautynetkorea earns a big plus for the diversity of items they offer. There is no item I could think of that I did not find in their assortment. This is actually something that has been bugging me for a long time with other stores because if I place an order, I really prefer to place it at one place and receive one big parcel instead of many little ones. ^-^

Service & Shipping
For my first order, I chose the free Economy shipping option that the eBay store had to offer and the only thing I can say is that I was very pleased with it. My items were shipped the next day and they gave me a free tracking number. After 7 business days, my order arrived already. ( I can only speak of my experiences, this might not be 100% accurate for you if you live in a different country. ) 
Beautynetkorea generally offers free shipping worldwide on all their products. 

Special offers & Discounts
At the moment, Beautynetkorea has a big fall discount event going on. What this means is that basically everything in their store is on sale at the moment!

Besides that, they also offer special discounts for registered members like the "1+1 Deal". This means that if you buy 2 pieces of the e.g. Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips Talk, you will get up to 30% off! This does not apply to all products but you can check out which items it applies to by clicking the "Buy 2 and get up to 30% off" tab on the Beautynetkorea website. :)

Beautynetkorea provides an extra category if you're interested in buying wholesale products. :) 

A handfull of free samples are included with every purchase. :) If you're interested in purchasing some samples, this can also be done on the website. You get similar deals to their wholesale category, so you can -for example- purchase 10 samples of the Tonymoly tomatox magic massage pack for 4USD. :)

Have you ever ordered from Beautynetkorea or f2plus1? What are your favourite online stores for beauty products? Please let me know! <3

- Elina


  1. It's the first time I see the store website've always shopped directly from ebay.

  2. I loved the website, till my last haul... :(

  3. it's the first time i hear about this site !!
    followed you back !

    1. Thank you, dear :) <3 Glad I could share it.

  4. Looks like a good online store.

    I'm your newest follower via GFC, G+ and Bloglovin'.


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