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Review: Missha Love Secret Handcreme Peony Rose - Winter Special Edition

Hello everyone! :) I'm really sorry for the lack of posts lately but ever since November started, I've kinda switched to hermit mode. .__. Which means that I read an awful lot (you will soon know what I read since I won't be able not to post a spoiler free review) and also that many of my exams are coming up now and I gotta study. Believe me, I'd rather not. *lol*

Anyway, I found the time to bring you my long promised review of the Missha Love Secret handcreme in Peony Rose. :) This is actually the last of my items from my f2plus1 haul.

Source: f2plus1

The winter special edition of Missha's Love Secret handcreme comes in the scents Peony Rose, Cherry Blossom, Lemongrass, Green Grape and White Cotton. :) When I ordered mine, almost all of the scents were sold out so I got Peony Rose. I really want to know what White Cotton smells like, though. 


The ingredients list is fully in Korean. :( 

I absolutely love the christmas flair that this handcreme has. :) Each design is special in its own way and I really like the candle print they used for Peony Rose. The candles are golden glittering just like the cap, as you can maybe tell from the picture. :) This makes the tube look really sophisticated in my opinion.

When I first opened this handcreme, I had to remove a plastic seal from Missha from the back of the tube. I did, however, forget to take a picture of it. :S 

On the picture it looks quite big but in reality, the tube is actually quite small. :) It is really travel friendly, which is actually something I'm looking for in handcreams when I buy them, since I most often apply them on the go. 


I don't really know if you can tell it from the pictures, but after applying a pea size amount of handcreme on my dry hands, the skin feels really well moisturized and soft. :) 
Usually, my hands feel much dryer than in these pictures, so when it starts snowing, this creme will be of much use for me. 

To my surprise, my skin absorbed the creme really quickly and after a few minutes it only felt really smooth and not sticky at all. This is definitely an improvement to the previous creme I used as it left my hands sticky for more than 10 minutes. :S

Peony Rose's scent is really strong. After application, you will be able to smell it, even if you don't hold your hands directly next to your face. :) It becomes more subtle after a while, however, so it's not a big deal.
The scent itself reminds me a bit of the soaps my granny used to give me. I'd definitely recommend you to try a different scent if you're not a fan of this!

Absorbing really quickly
Travel friendly
Moisturizes well

The smell (a bit. :S)
Ingredients are only listed in Korean

Repurchase? If its still available, yes, but in a different scent. :)

Where to buy: f2plus1 for 4USD(27ml).

What's your go-to handcreme for the cold months? Let me know! <3

- Elina


  1. Ohhh, so it's kinda like lotion perfume.
    That's interesting, but I think I'll stick to my Aveeno lotion. *A*
    Thank you for the review! <3

    1. Yes, exactly!
      I think I really need to look into that Aveeno lotion you mentioned. :)
      Thank you for reading! <3

  2. Great review,thanks!! <3

    1. Thank you for reading. :) I'll check out your blog


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