Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Treat yourself for Christmas!

Hi everyone! So, now that the new Etude House Etoinette line is out, everyone has been ravaging about these products. Meanwhile however, Innisfree released a bunch of really sweet Christmas sets that I think have gone under a little in the Etude House hype.

They are not too expensive, but I think they make great gifts!

 The collection consists of 6 different sets, each focusing on a different type of make up, beauty or home decor.

(pictures (C) W2Beauty)

What do you think about Innisfree's Christmas collection? Would you get it for someone else or keep it all to yourself?

To be all honest, I already thought about getting all of them, but I would be keeping the candle for sure. <3

- Elina


  1. The packaging is really cute. I'd definitely buy some as gifts, but also keep some for myself. ^_~

  2. I think the packaging is really cute but all the places i've seen with the special packaging aren't selling them for any much incentive to be honest. but i do like innisfree products a lot! Check out my blog Sample Hime for Korean makeup reviews if you like =) I just followed you.

    1. You're right, most of the time they're even more expensive. :(
      Thank you, I'll check out your blog :)

  3. so cute and festive! love those lipsticks, i want xx

  4. Hello dear, beautiful blog and amazing products :) i follow you with pleasure on GFC, bloglovin, twitter and g+, if you want to pass me by :)

    kiss Tea


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