Friday, 6 December 2013

About wrong schedules and leather caps. (+ sneak peeks ♥)

Hello everyone! :) So yesterday, I had some more leisure time than usually thnaks to a staff meeting at my school so I decided to finally get onto the train to Vienna and meet my dear friend Liz again. We had a lot of fun during my "half-a-day-off" so I thought I could share it with you. :) Plus, if you scroll down to the bottom of this post, you will see some sneak peeks of what I will be reviewing soon so stay tuned <3.

Also, please excuse my phone camera's quality but I did not really want to bring my Canon to a shopping trip.

Plus, I really suck at mirror selfies but you will probably notice that sooner or later anyway. OTL

So, we actually planned to see Thor 2 or Catching Fire in the movies, but when we arrived there (just in time, too), they told us that the first of the two films was not going to be played today and the second one was scheduled to be showin in a couple of hours. So, what did we do? 
Instead of finally seeing the great sequel of Thor 1 and adoring Tom Hiddleston as an actor, we went shopping on Vienna's high street instead. Thank god it did not snow, otherwise the fact that the movie's schedule, which we had looked up the previous day, was wrong would have been a big bummer.

Don't mind me and my awkward face in the left picture haha. ^^°

So, we had a lot of fun with Forever21's new snapbacks. I actually grabbed a really nice bargain there, too. (a pair of boots for 14€ *-*) Usually, I am not a big fan of their stuff, mainly because of the quality, but sometimes they do sell some good pieces too.

Afterwards, we wanted to get some coffee but since almost every single coffeeshop was crowded, we went for the McCafe instead where I finally tired some macarons for the first time ever ovo. I tried the raspberry ones and I got to say they are really delicious <3. 
We grabbed lunch together, too, but I am really bad at taking pictures of my food before eating it. *haha* 

I had a lot of fun that day and it was a really good distraction from the fact that I spent the evening hours with studying Physics for the exam I had to take today. Let's just hope it all went well. :,)
Almost all of my important exams are over now, too, so I will finally have some more time to dedicate to my blogging. I really miss it. ;_;

So, I promised you some sneak peeks, right? 
This is what I will be posting about in the next couple of weeks!

 So, when I got home, there was a small cardboard box waiting for me from Beautynetkorea, filled with different kinds of cosmetics. :D I cannot wait to try them all out and I am so grateful to receive them, too!  ♥

How do you like macarons? Because I certainly love them!

- Elina


  1. I /LOVE/ macarons. <3 Only the fancy cake shops over here supply them though. ;A; I can't find them anywhere else.
    Excited for your reviews! You seemed to have gotten a lot of products. *A* Have fun and I will be anticipating them!

    1. Macarons are the best! <3 I did not want to spend like tons of money on them though so I tried them at Mc Donalds and they do taste kinda good there too :)
      Oh I have a lot of products indeed and they are awesome <3 I can't figure out how much lip tint is appropriate, though x__x it always ends up too opaque.

  2. Looks like you had a good day :) I'm looking forward seeing your review of the korean products! (love it)


    1. Thank you for reading <3 I'll check out your blog :)

  3. Cute blog! Followed :) x


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