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Review: Tonymoly Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint (Sponsored)

Hello everyone! Today I wrote the last exam of 2013, which makes today the first day on which I can finally relax a little bit. Well, it would be an understatement that life is less stressful now that Christmas is coming up and that I need to prepare stuff for my final exams. ;^;
However, over the last couple of days I did find some time to shoot some pictures and review the Tonymoly Cat Chu Wink Lip tint! This is my first sponsored review out ot many by my lovely sponsor Beautynetkorea who made this possible for me. :) I am so grateful for this opportunity.

So, as you may have noticed, I am getting really into all kinds of lip products and especially lip tints lately. Today, I will review #1"Cherry Pink" and #2 "Red" for you! I probably will review #3 Orange Chacha at a later point in time as I really want to try it out as well so stay tuned!

So as you can see, it is barely possible to see what tint you are using when looking at the packaging. Both tints look really similar when bottled up. #1 does look slightly lighter, though. The sample I got from Beautynetkorea was from #1 too so I have even more of this tint. <3 

Okay so the cat heads on the applicators only gave me one more reason for wanting this tint! They are so cute. :D

I have to say that the packaging seems really solid, the tube is made out of hard plastic and seems really sturdy. The cap closes really firmly so there is no need to worry that it will come off. :) The tint seems really handy and can be stored in any side pocket or make-up bag without any difficulties so you can take it with you wherever you want for touch-ups. 


My bare lips for reference

This is probably my favourite tint out of these two. :) The colour is lovely whether you use one layer or two. As you can see, the tint is also very buildable, but I would not recommend applying more than two layers as it gets really opaque and flashy after that. It also washed me out slightly so be careful! :) 

When I first put on this tint, I made the mistake to cover all of my lips with a rather thick layer of it so I was not really impressed when it started bleeding out at the ends, but when you apply it like it is supposed to be applied, it looks really nice. :) It is a rather bright red that does come off where opaque.

(Also, I should smile more often when I take these pictures, the tints look much better than haha OTL) 

Lasting power: 
I was positively surprised when I put on these tints for the first time! After six hours (including eating and drinking) they were still visible on my lips. I would recommend touching them up after about 5-6 hours, however, if you want to maintain the very bright look they give.
+ They don't stain once dried in! I did not expect that since Etude House's Rosy Lip tints usually stain. :(

It's okay. I mean, you will still need a lip balm once in a while but they certainly don't dry out my lips too much. I usually apply lip balm before the tint too, that makes my lips even more moisturized and the tint easier to apply.

Texture & Finish:
Once dried, the finish does become rather matte so if you want glossy lips you will need to apply lip gloss afterwards. :) 

Smell / Taste:
I usually forget this section when I review lip products as I tend not to notice most of the scents or tastes, but this time, it was kind of a put-off for me. The tint does have a rather artificial flavour I can't really classify. It is not that pleasant but it vanishes rather quickly.

True to colour
Lasts very long
Doesn't dry out my lips
Super cute packaging


Repurchase? Definitely. :) I will try out the orange version of this! 

Where to buy? Beatuynetkorea, 5,22$

Beatuynetkorea adds a sample of one Tonymoly Cat Chu Wink lip tints to every order until the 25th of December! If you want to try it out, now would be the best choice. :)

Many people have already raved about this product, which made me even more excited about it. :) What are your thoughts?

- Elina

P.S.: Despite the fact that this is a sponsored review, I am still giving my own, honest opinion on these product which cannot be changed in any way by the sponsor. :)


  1. ive never heard of that before!! the packaging looks fab definitely something I would buy.

    1. Really? Well I guess they are only really popular amongst bloggers who post a lot about Korean cosmetics. :)

  2. I'm not really sure about the colour, I used to use something like this and never really found it to be that good

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



    1. Well, it is certainly something you got to like in order to use regularly and I can certainly see why some people don't like tints that much. Especially because some taste or smell a little weird. :S
      Thank you for reading! <3

  3. I got this lip tint too but haven't used it still cause it's so red XD but this looks so great on you ^^ thank you for your review :D

    1. Yeah well it is really highly pigmented xD When I first applied it I used waaay too much and ended up looking like snow white. :x
      Thank you for reading <3

  4. I have the exact same thing! (and I love it ahioghfiodg <3 it's one of my must haves for sure.)
    The way you applied it is perfect! I really like how you showed it with one layer and two. *A*
    Thank you for the review! <3

    1. Thank you! I really apprechiate it that you read my posts this frequently, Gin :) Thank you for your nice words. <3

  5. Oh my gosh the packaging is soo cute! If you have time please check put my new blog

    1. I know, right! xx Sure, I will check out your blog right away. <3

  6. woah loved this!! xx
    if anyone could go tooo my blog,it would be great :) give me your opinion aswell :)xx

    1. Thank you so much, hun! I read your blog and it is really inspirational! I like it a lot.
      Thank you for reading my post <3

  7. very cute *__*
    I will glad to see you in my blog :)


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