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Review: Tonymoly Cats Wink Shiny Skin BB Cream (Sponsored)

Hi everyone! I hope all of you had a merry Christmas! Are you as excited for New Year as I am? I hope so! <3 Today, I finally got around to write a review of a BB cream that I started liking a lot recently.

I am talking about the Tonymoly Cats Wink Shiny Skin BB Cream that Beautynetkorea sent me for reviewing purposes. :) Sadly, the product is no longer available on their website since before Christmas. :( It looks like I was lucky enough to get one of the last ones.

Beautynetkorea is an online retail store that specializes on Korean cosmetics and beauty products. Their service is great and they always have really good offers. It would mean a lot to me if you could check them out! <3

(Source: eBay)
So, I've known Tonymoly mainly for their cute packaging and this BB cream is by far not an exception! The cream comes in a pink tube with a cat face on the front. :) So cute. 

English ingredients list!

Not the best possible way to dispense a product but it is okay. :)


Bear in mind that this BB cream only comes in one shade!

Even on my hand, the BB cream looks really dewy. :) 

My bare face so you can see how much coverage the BB cream provides. 

With flash

Without flash

I would say that this BB cream provides solid medium coverage. Consistency-wise it is a lot more fluid than my Lioele Triple The Solution, but the coverage is finde nevertheless. I actually like it much better for everyday wear as it is very easy and quick to apply. Plus, it doesn't feel heavy at all. 

This BB cream gives your skin a very dewy finish so if you prefer a matte finish this is definitely not the right BB cream for you!

I have to say, this is the major turn-off about this BB cream as the scent is not really that pleasant. It doesn't last until after I finished applying it, however, so it is bearable. 

It definitely is on the more sticky end of BB creams but it also moisturizes really well.

No. :) My skin reacted really well to this BB cream and I have not noticed any breakouts whatsoever so far. 

Whitening / Wrinkle Care:
I would say it slightly reduces redness, but that is about it. My skin is really fair without BB cream and I really have not noticed any changes. As for wrinkles, I can't really say anything about that. 

Dewy Finish
Good Coverage

A little sticky
Only comes in one shade

Repurchase? I would, but I doubt it is still in production. 

Where to buy? You can still find it at various eBay stores for around 14USD. 

- Elina


  1. I'm always searching for the perfect BB cream, and this looks great! Thank you!

    I just followed your blog on Bloglovin', would you mind following mine?

    1. Thanks a lot! Your blog seems really interesting and your posts are on a high-quality level! I instantly followed <3

  2. Looks great! :)
    And I like that packaging.

  3. I love the Cat Chu line they have~ hehe. <3 KITTIES. /////
    I'm not too big with a dewy look. I always feel like I have too much oil on my skin- aidhfrodgfh
    Thank you for much for reviewing! <3

    1. Oooh yes! I love everything with kitties on it! >////< I'm totally guilty for getting the cat chu products for their packaging haha.
      Thank you so much for reading, Gin, I really apprechiate it :)

  4. nice review :DD
    mind to follow each other?
    pls let me know :)

  5. Thanks for the review although I don't think that's a dewy finish, it looks more like a powdery finish. This bb cream is one of the cheaper ones on the market but it still doesn't fail to do its job :D

    1. Thanks for your input :) The photos don't quite capture it but it's actually rather shiny and dewy in real life.Thank you for reading! :D


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