Sunday, 23 February 2014

Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Brush (Sponsored)

Hi everyone! Have you had a good week? While I'm writing this, I'm starting to realize that I should probably stop postponing my weekly post until Sunday evening.

So, just as I promised, today's post will be a review again. :D It feels like it has been ages since I've done my last review, so please excuse me if I'm feeling a little rusty.

The Etude House Wonder Pore Brush that I'm presenting you today is yet another product that was sent to me by my lovely sponsors Beautynetkorea!

Beautynetkorea is an online retail store that specializes on Korean cosmetics and beauty products. Their service is great and they always have really good offers. It would mean a lot to me if you could check them out! <3

Alright, let's get right into it, shall we?

(source: Beautynetkorea)

The Wonder Pore Brush is a neat little travel-friendly brush which is supposed to be used with your cleanser of choice. :)


So, the brush itself comes in a small plastic cup which is not only a perfect way to store it without having the brush come in contact with unhygenic surfaces, but it also serves as the handle so you can direct it really well. :)

The 2 in 1 packaging is really convenient.


 So, you're supposed to wet the brush before using it to gently spread the cleanser over your face. With this brush, your pores will be clearer than when you're only using your fingertips.

The bristles are really soft and gentle to the skin so they don't irritate the skin. 

Does it make a difference?
It is hard to say whether using this brush has had a big impact on the condition of my skin, but I do have to say that it feels far better to apply the cleanser with the brush than without. I got to admit that I often forget about using it, though, as I find the cleanser without the brush sufficient too. :)
However, for only little over 6$, I would certainly give it a go if I was looking for a cleansing brush! 

Where to buy? Beautynetkorea, 6,20$

Are you using a brush to cleanse your face or do you work with your hands mostly? 

- Elina 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The problem about shoes (Part 2)

Alright, so as I am writing this post it is sunday afternoon and today I managed to finish the last 20-page long paper for my final exams in May. The last week has been a compliation of English lessons, procrastination and Aura Kingdom, a game that I have played a little too much lately, I have to admit that.

Anyway, today I'll continue where I left off last week: Sweatshop free clothes.
This will be the last post about this topic for now as I can see that most of you are not that much interested in it, but I really want to wrap the issue up properly for those of you who are. :)

Don't worry, my next posts will be a bunch of product reviews! I still got a lot of products to present you. :) 

So, Shoes. We all love them, don't we? Now, the problem is, there are hardly any brands that sell shoes that are 100% sweatshop free. For this reason, I'm going to share a list of websites who offer eco-friendly shoes or vegan shoes with you as I found them to be the best alternative to high-street shoes.

1) Newaura Shoes - Eco friendly and animal-free shoes.

2) MooshoesMooShoes, Inc. is a vegan-owned business that sells an assortment of cruelty-free footwear, bags, t-shirts, wallets, books and other accessories. (source) They do tend to be a little pricey.

3) Fashion-Conscience - They try to provide a wide variety of sweatshop-free products on their website and shoes are part of it. :) You can find more information about their ethics in their Ethical Policy

4) Vegetarian Shoes - a UK based shoe company whose shoes are made-to-order. They offer a great variety of styles as well and I especially love their Pixie Boots. :D 

5) Buddy - Sneakers made in Japan.  They are really colourful and they seem to be a nice alternative to Vans or Converse! 

6) Good Guys don't wear leather -  Another vegan shoe brand. :) I love love love their NINA nude model. 

Would you consider vegan shoes, or do you prefer to wear leather?  I'd love to know! :)

- Elina

Friday, 7 February 2014

Is sweashop-free clothing a viable alternative to high-street fashion? (Part 1)

Hi everyone. :) First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Chinese New Year.

You probably don't recall me saying, but I once mentioned how I did not have any new year conclusions. Well, the month of January has given me a lot time to reflect on my life and, well, I made the decision that something needs to change in my life.
Especially those of you who know me personally know how I love ordering stuff from Yesstyle or eBay - but is it really worth it? Alright, it is nice to receive a bag that was only like 20$, but let's be serious - it won't last forever. Besides, I can hardly buy anything with a clear conscience anymore, as sweatshop labour has taken over the clothing industry a long time ago.

You must know, I have always been thinking that there is no alternative to sweatshop labour if one wants to dress fashionably. Oh, I was so wrong. Of course there are! And to be honest, after looking at the range of products, I decided to transition completely to non-sweatshop brands.

So, after a really long start of this post, I want to introduce you to the alternatives to sweatshop labour that I have found.


1) American Apparel
Okay, so I think this is the most obvious of all my suggestions, but American Apparel is and has always been sweatshop free so you don't have to worry buying from them. Besides, they have some really lovely basics and when their products are on sale, they are hardly more expensive than other popular high street brands.
Besides, their product range also includes shoes, bags and pet accessories. :)

2) Black Milk Clothing
The Australian nylon label founded by James Lillis stated that they work completely sweatshop free. :) They produce their garments locally in Australia or in Italy (a very small range). They carry a vast amount of leggings and dresses made of nylon, which have been hyped all over the net during the last couple of years.
Personally, I would only be careful about the shoes they sell (a collab with Solestruck), as I am not really sure where they are produced.

3) Kuyichi
If you are looking for jeans that are not especially high-waisted like most AA jeans, you should definitely check out Kuyichi. They offer various cuts for women and men, and while their normal prices seem a little over the top, their sales are really affordable!

4) Good Society
Another mentionworthy jeans-label, however, they do not offer an online-shop so you will need to check your local retailers if they have some of these jeans in stock.

5) Blu Democracy
A clothing label that is very environmentally conscious and uses alternative fibres such as bamboo for their clothes. They definitely have some really cute shirts and their backstory is really impressive, so I would definitely recommend you to check them out!

6) Annie Greenabelle
A very modern label which seems to carry a lot of common high-street style pieces which were ethically made. They put a high emphasis on organic cotton as well and each of their garments is labelled so you can see where it was made or what it is made of.

7) Bella + Canvas LA
Another sweatshop-free label that also does wholesale offers. :) As I am writing this, their site is under maintenance but they should be back soon!

8) Velvet Room
A bohemian fashion label based in the USA. They even have an extra tab so you can filter their products by origin. :)

9) Asos Green Room
The ASOS green room looks to give a nice overview over all the fashion brands with conscience on ASOS. However, I would double-check before purchasing. :) You can never go wrong with People Tree.

10) People Tree
Well, what a surprise, yet another fashion brand that is exremely environmentally and socially conscious. :) Check them out!

11) Nobody Denim
Alright, I forgot another denim brand. :) You see there are plenty options for ethical jeans out there! So many that even I forget to mention them all. However, they are on the rather expensive side, so I would not reccommend them if you're on a budget.

Alright, and as this post has become extremely long already, I'll make a part 2 where I introduce you to a couple of alternatives to sweatshop-shoes. :D Stay tuned!

Now that you are aware of all these brands, would you consider swapping to no-sweatshop-apparel?

- Elina

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