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Review: ColourB4 Haircolour Remover (Extra) ~ Back To The Roots!

Hi everyone! :D So, some of your might remember one of my earlier posts in October of last year, when I decided to dye my gold blonde hair dark brown. (-> here <-) Well, after half a year of embracing the dark shade, I decided that it was time for yet another change. My friends know that I usually don't keep a haircolour for longer than a couple of months. :) This time, I think it will be different, though.

So, I really wanted to go back to my natural haircolour without using an extensive amount of bleach in order to avoid a heavy orange or yellow outcome. Despite my hairdresser's tries to achieve the look I wanted using highlights, I decided to go for something that promises an even look.

After doing a bit of reasearch, I stumbled upon Colour B4, a british product which claims to be able to remove any kind of hair dye. :)

"With a single application of the advanced formula, you can rinse away unwanted dye, and go back to your old colour before dyeing again for a brand new look. It’s that easy!
Although the formula is safe and gentle - with no nasty chemicals like ammonia or bleach – it easily tackles permanent and semi-permanent hair colour. It also effortlessly removes colour build-up and darkened tones.
After using ColourB4, hair is in perfect condition for re-colouring. You can use it to completely remove unwanted dye before any colour treatment or salon visit.
And because the gentle formula won’t react with chemicals in other hair products, you don’t have to worry about unexpected shades or weird colour combinations." (Source

So, that is what the manufacturer claims their product does on their website. There are two different versions of this product (Regular and Extra). Since my hair was really dark, I went for the Extra version. 

These were my utensils! I purchased two packages of light blonde hair dye just in case the product would not yield the results I was hoping for :)
Since I bought this product in an Austrian drugstore, the instructions on the box are in German, but you can find loads on informations on this product on the Colour B4 website.

The box contains three small bottles, a pair of gloves and a long list of instructions that you should read before applying it (including how long you have to leave it in your hair, etc..). If you read the instructions, there is nothing you can do wrong, so I will not write everything you need to do down as I find the explanation delivered with it really useful! They also deliver a certain conditioner (Bottle C) so your hair does not get too damaged by the whole process.

As this was the Extra version, I had to leave it in my hair for 60 minutes, which would not have been too bad, but it STUNK! Really, this was the worst smell I ever encountered in 5 years of dying my hair.

So, besides that, my hair survived. It did not even feel too bad after this whole procedure, but I would advise you to use a highly moisturizing shampoo after using this whole mixture.

Please bear in mind that my hair has been bleached way before I actually applied the brown hair dye half a year ago, which meant that I was never going to be able to actually achieve my natural haircolour in the first place! 

(yay for no make-up :D the procedure washed it away)

 Well, you see the results were not very overwhelming and not what I hoped for at all. I thought that I would be able to go back to a caramel blonde, but it did not really work out. The product brightened up my hair about 3 shades and all in all, the result was very even.

Price: 16€ at DM, can be purchased online

This concludes my review of the Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra. 
However, I did not give up!

After that, I went for gently bleaching my hair with thinned bleach. My irritated scalp could not handle it for longer than 5 minutes though, so I just ended up with what my hairdresser (aka my mother) called: "open hair", which basically means that the hair is able to absorb new pigments again.
This is where the hairdye I bought earlier comes into place. I went for an ash-blonde tone and left it in for another hour. 
Here are my final results!

You see, it did not turn out perfectly, but it is the closest to my natural haircolour I think I could have ever gotten! I am SO happy with how this whole journey ended, especially because my hair survived rather well. I do have to use a lot of conditioner now, though. :)

Now, I am trying to tackle the slightly reddish undertone that was left around the area where my bands stop, down my shoulders. For this I'm using a purple shampoo, and so far, it has worked wonders for me. 

I would love to know what you think and if you would give Colour B4 a shot yourself! 

- Elina


  1. I love your new hair color!
    Thanks for reviewing the product.


  2. YOu're pretty without makeup, elina ^^ and love your new natural hair color :D

    1. Thank you, Misa :D I love it too! I'm really glad my hair didn't turn orange or green haha.


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