Friday, 21 March 2014

Review: Essie All in One Base - Top Coat - Strengthener

Hi everyone! Today's review is something I haven't done at all before. :)
The story behind this is the following: I started doing sports again and it completely kills my nails so I made a trip to my local drugstore and splurged on something that would strengthen them a little and keep them from peeling off.

I honestly seldomly spend a lot of money on nail varnish, so this Essie nail varnish has been a bigger expense for me than usual. Let me tell you what I think about this particular product.

This is what the product looks on the international Essie store:

The Essie All in One base is an everyday nail varnish that you can either use as base, as top coat or on it's own.
It strengthens your nails and leaves them with a highly glossy finish.
The products claims to give you
> Stronger looking and feeling nails
> Instantly smoother nails
> A shiny glossy top coat that lasts for days

You can use it with or without a base colour, but Essie claims that you can achieve the best results when you apply 2 coats of Essie Colour before applying the All in One top coat

The product contains 13,5ml.

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The nail varnish comes in a really neat plastic box that seems really sturdy, so you don't have to be afraid about it breaking. The bottle is the usual trademark Essie nail varnish bottle, which has a description on the side indicating what nail varnish it contains. 


In these shots, I applied two coats of the nail varnish without any colour underneath as you can see. It gives off a really glossy finish and makes the nails feel really smooth and slick

Lasting Power
To be honest, I actually expected a little more of this nail varnish. It lasts about 2 1/2 days until I need to reapply it because it does tend to chip when I do sports or type a lot. 

I'm quite happy about this aspect of the Essie All in One base as it does strengthen my nails and prevents them from breaking nicely. 

Worth the money? If you are looking for a solid base or top coat and you don't mind reapplying your nail varnish every once in a while, go for it! Besides, you need to consider that 13,5ml is a lot of product you get for the price! 

Where to buy? for 10$

 4.5 / 5

What do you think about Essie nail varnishes? Do you consider them worth the money? What's your favourite shade?



  1. I love Essie nail varnishes/polishes! I'm not a huge nail polish person, but I go for them when they go on sale at the drug store :D

    1. Same goes for me, but I still like to put some on because my nails tend to break so easily. :) I hope they go on sale here too sometimes :D

  2. I've never used this product, but anything that strengthens my nails would be nice. Typically, I prefer to stick to Urban Outfitters and Sally Hansen polishes because they're the easiest to apply.

  3. I have a love and hate towards Essies. but, I'm in love with the colour, Fiji! ^__^ It's a super pretty pink! however they kind of leave streaks on my nails during the first 1/2 coats depending on how heavy I apply it. It's abit expensive as well, but once it's on sale, it's a bargain :3


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