Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sample Review: A'Pieu Egg Filler BB Cream #21

Hi lovelies! So, as I was sorting out my make-up box, I found some samples I have not yet reviewed. Some, because I am not really interested in them (mainly moisturizing creams) and others because I frankly forgot about them over the course of weeks.

Since I keep all my samples in the same compartment of my make-up box, I can hardly tell where I got them from. I hope you don't mind this too much. :(

Today's sample is one that I have actually been rather excited about when I first got it, so it quite surprised me that I haven't posted about it yet. Probably, because I was quite disappointed once I actually tried it out.
See for yourself. :)

( Source: W2Beauty )

The A'Pieu Egg Filler BB Cream comes in 2 shades, #21 which is a light beige and #23, which seems to be slightly darker. My sample came in the shade 21, so this is which one I will review today.

The wrapping of this BB Cream sample looks basically just like any other sample with the exception that its light colour scheme does resemble the brand (A'Pieu) a lot. The standart packaging of this BB cream is a yellow tube, so they do look very similar. :)

When I saw the swatches on the back of my hand I thought: "So far, so good."
The BB cream is not too runny and it gives the impression of a nice, neutral beige.


(solely for comparison; I know my skin is terribly uneven at the moment. :( )


To be completely honest, it does not even look that bad on the pictures, but the yellow-ish undertone washes me out so much! I look like a ghost with this BB Cream on. :(
The coverage is fine after you managed to apply it somewhat evenly, but it does seem very smeary and cakey before settling in a little, which does not fix the problem completely. It is not really buildable, as every layer you apply makes it more and more cakier. I don't think that my skin has ever looked this oily and shiny after applying a product like this.

I think that the other versions that A'Pieu has released (purple and pink) might be suited a little bit better for my complexion and skin type, but I was unfortunate enough to get exactly the one that is not for me.

Would buy? A clear no.

Where to buy: W2Beatuy for 13,50$

So, A'Pieu has not left a good first impression on me. How do you like their products? Are they worth picking up? Let me know. :)

- Elina


  1. This formula is way too runny and way too whitening for me. I was really disappointed in my samples as well.

    1. I'm kind of glad that I was not the only one experiencing these issues with this BB cream. I had high hopes in it, it's somewhat of a shame, really. :(
      Thank you for reading. :)

  2. I've never tried any A'Pieu products, but I thought their lip products were fairly cheap/cute. I won't be trying this since cakey-ness is such a turn off OTL

    1. I might give their lip products a go, as one bad product does not define a whole company IMHO. :) I hope their other ranges can convince me.
      Thank you for reading <3

  3. i have never tried this product before . you did a good job on the review dear ! xx

    1. Thank you so much. :) I'm glad you liked my review!


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