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Review: Etude House Color Lips-fit in #PK002 and #OR202 (Sponsored)

Hi everyone!
Today I'm reviewing a product that I've been so excited to try ever since it was released in Etude House's Spring 2014 collection a while ago. I'm talking about their new series of liquid lipsticks that go by the name "Color Lips Fit". From the eight different shades that are available, I'm going to present you #PK002, a bright pink, and #OR202, a very dark and orangey coral tone. 

This review was kindly sponsored by Beautynetkorea. :)
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This product claims to...
have a soft and silky texture.
be very vivid in color.
be suitable for gradient lips.

Capacity: 10g

How to use: 1. Shake well before use
2. Apply smoothly with tip, Lightly dab onto the center of your lips for a soft gradiaton, Delicately apply for full cover.
3. Apply a layer of Color Lips-fit WH901 afterwards for a glossy finish.

Where to buy:
Beautynetkorea for 8,91$
Honestskin for 5,63$ (3,80 discount)
Cosmetic Love for 10,58$

The lip cream comes in a super cute pink box with red and white bow details. I absolutely adore the design, it really reflects what Etude House stands for as a brand and fits their image really well. It's elegant, pinky and girly.

The top of the box greets you with the color you can find inside. Additionally, it gives the exact name of the color, which are chosen nicely, too, in my opinion.

On one side of the packaging, you can find a rather illegible "How-to" and some directions as to how this product is supposed to be stored. The ingredients list does not come in English, however, which I found to be a problem with most Etude House products.

The lipstick itself comes in a really sturdy, (believe me, I already dropped them both) clear plastic bottle, which I think is really convenient because you can easily tell how much product is still left, and if you happened to pick up more than one like I did, you can also easily distinguish the colors for this very reason. The bottles do resemble nail polishes a little, which I think is another nice detail. 

The lipstick comes with a classic doe-foot applicator, which I am really glad about as it is my favourite applicator for all kinds of lip products!


Before setting completely

After setting:

All completely set

While this product might appear quite watery in the swatches in in the first two pictures, it actually dries into a matte and silky finish. It feels a little dry, powder-y but not heavy at all. You can definitely feel it on your lips while wearing it though and thus it's necessary for me to apply some lip balm with it. I cannot say anything about how this changes with the transparent top coat, as I am yet to try it.

The lasting power is decent, especially if you keep in mind that this product doesn't claim to be long-lasting. For me, the lipstick  did sustain through some eating and drinking but you will need to refresh it afterwards if you want to perserve the bold color it gives off. It does stain and it will accentuate liplines and other unevennesses.

The scent of this product is the same of Etude House's Fresh Cherry tint, a really sweet cherry-ish scent that can only really be smelled right after application that fades really fast.

Recommend?  Yes! Etude House created a very unique product with the Color Lips-fit and while there are some downsides I am still enjoying the lipsticks a lot. The colors are bright, bold and perfect for summer. 

3,5 /5



  1. Pink seems so beautiful on you ~~

  2. These seem very similar to the Stila liquid lipsticks but they don't sound as long lasting.

    1. I better take a look at Stila's liquid lipsticks, then. Thank you for the suggestion, Jasmine. :D

  3. Lovely review!
    The bright pink looks really good on you~~
    I personally was a little disappointed with this tint ><
    Mind checking out my review on it? + join my new KBeauty Giveaway!
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Kara Youngji Day&Night Makeup Tutorial || Korean Cosmetics Giveaway


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