Friday, 11 April 2014

Review: Lioele Perfect Jumbo Concealer (Sponsored)

Hello lovelies!
Just before my Easter break, which I longed for forever, finally started, I managed to find some time to sneak in a review. Other than that I'm quite positive that I'll be able to post twice a week again, just like I used to when I started blogging. :)

Today's review is about the Lioele Perfect Jumbo Concealer, kindly sponsored by Beautynetkorea! However, this product seemed to have sold out recently, so you won't actually be able to purchase it over at their store anymore.

Beautynetkorea is an online retail store that specializes on Korean cosmetics and beauty products. Their service is great and they always have great offers. 

The product claims...
to be easy to apply.
to provide good coverage.
to be suitable for every skin type.
to have a brightening effect.
to find use as a lip concealer as well.

Capacity: 3,5g

Effect: Reducing Acne scars and Blemishes

How to use:
Apply a moderate amount on the area that you want to cover.
Gently blend with your fingertips.
Apply powder ontop.

Where to buy:
eBay for 9,90$
Testerkorea for 10,000Won
Keautystore for 13,60$

The concealer comes in a small pink and black box with a really nice design. I especially like the theme, as it is a lot different from other, lighter coloured, Lioele packings.  However, it still has the white details and the trademark chequer print. 

The ingredients list and the instructions come not only in Korean but also in English, which makes using it and understanding how it works much easier for foreigners like me.

The form of this concealer and how it works reminds me a lot of a lip crayon. 

The tip is designed to be extractable by twisting the bottom of the concealer. The mechanism doesn't seem cheap at all, but I would recommend not fully extract the product while using it as it might break off due to its consistency. 

The packaging is really travel-friendly due to its size and the sturdy cap, which I don't think will come off even if you just throw it into your handbag like that. :) 



I used the spots around my mouth to showcase how the concealer performs. I used it on its own without any powder. 

However, I think that this example shows how it works better:

I applied one streak of concealer on top of a streak of black liquid eyeliner. As you can see, it provides a decent coverage, considering how dark the eyeliner is. :) 

While this concealer does provide decent coverage for blemishes, it also needs to be reapplied thorough the day as it doesn't stay on my skin for too long. However, this might be due to the fact that I mainly used it to cover up blemishes around my mouth, an area, where make up is bound to be wiped off. :) The fact that it is very travel-friendly and contains a lot of product makes up for this inconvenience, though. 

I have not tried using it as a lip concealer yet, but as it does resemble a lip crayon very closely, I would guess that it is rather convenient to use as a lip concealer.
Since I started using it, I have not noticed that my blemishes got less. I can't talk about Acne scars as I don't have any to test this on. As for brightening, I hardly doubt that this concealer is capable of that.

4 / 5

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