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Review: Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Sample Set (Sponsored)

Hi everyone!
First of all, I'm terribly sorry for my absence during the last week. I am really busy with schoolwork because I'm in the middle of my finals right now. I'm so looking forward to finally being done with them, they're so exhausting! :(

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to write about today. In the last couple of days I got around to testing the Etude House Magic Any Cushion samples that have been sponsored by Beautynetkorea.

Beautynetkorea is an online retail store that specializes on Korean cosmetics and beauty products. Their service is great and they always have great offers. 

This product claims...
to make your skin look clean and pure with a formula based on AP patents.
to provide moisture and shinyness.
to make your skin look natural and healthy.
to contain SPF 34/PA++
Magic Peach: brightening, helps to cover dark spots and blemishes
Magic Mint: covering blush skin, helps to cover redness
Magic Pink: pale and white skin becomes bright

Sample size, 3*4g

How to use: Pick up a certain amount of the contents with the puff and spread evenly and lightly by patting all over your skin.
Use only as directed. Avoid storing in high or low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight. Cease use if problems arise.

Where to buy? Beautynetkorea for 8,91$

So when I first saw this sample set on Beautynetkorea's website I got really keen on purchasing it because I was a little reluctant of buying a full-size product without knowing if I actually liked the cushion at all.
This set contains a little tester of all three cushions, so if you are insecure if you want to buy a full sized product, I' definitely recommend this sample!

The cushions came in a really cute, pink cardboard packaging with white highlights. I think this form of packaging really fits Etude House's style. I especially like that they put at least some effort into it even though this product is meant to be a sample. 

The English text is much shorter than the Hangeul, which is a shame because I had loved to know more about the product without having to do some research on the internet.

The cushions come in what looks like little cups. The lid is about the size of a macaron, I'd say. :)

As soon as you open one of the plastic lids, you're greeted by a tiny make-up sponge meant for application. It won't become my favourite sponge ever but it does the trick if you're on the go. :)

The cushion itself is protected by a layer of plastic. This also makes sure that the sponge doesn't soak up the product if you don't want it to.

This is what the cushion itself looks like.

To be all honest, I'm not a big fan of the cushion model for foundations / bb creams or bases in this case as it feels like I'm wasting a lot of product by pressing the sponge against the cushion to absorb it. The alternative would be to press my fingers against the cushion, but I consider that very unhygenic.


The best thing about this sample set is that you can compare the three colours back to back :)

Daylight (cloudy) 

Indoor & Flash (not set)

Indoor & Flash (set)

As you can see, Peach fits my skintone the best. It's almost blends in perfectly with my skin. Mint is slightly lighter and has a minty touch in order to correct redness. Pink has a pinkish hue that is meant to brighten pale skin.

I found myself using Mint the most, followed by Peach. Pink just doesn't fit my skintone so I only used it once.


Bare Skin

Mint Cushion

 Mint Cushion

Please keep in mind that this product is only supposed to provide sheer coverage as it is meant to be used as a base for your BB cream or foundation. This is why I picked out Mint to show you up close in order to present you its redness diminishing effect.
The product does what it promises but it won't do any miracles to your skin. It provides decent moisture and it brightens your skin up while concealing redness a little. You will still need either a concealer or a BB cream in order to cover blemishes fully. If you have really clear skin, you might get away with only wearing this product but I'd say it's best used as a base.
As a base, however, this product is really good. When I used this product prior to my go-to BB cream, it stayed on my face for 12+ hours with minimal fading only. This is a big improvement and it showed my that I really need to get into using bases or primers more frequently. :)

Ingredients-wise this product seems safe from causing breakouts or blemishes. According to CosDNA the only possible irritant is Alcohol (3) followed by a minor cause for acne: Steraic Acid (2).
Both of these ingredients are marked as safe.

The product definitely has some kind of scent, but it is not too dominating, you won't smell it after application. :)

If you're looking for a decent base with sheer coverage and don't mind the cushion, go for it. :)

No. While the product did what it promised, I hated the packaging and the way you have to use the cushion. I'll stick with BB cream and CC cream in tubes and bottles.

3,5 / 5

How do you like the cushion trend? Do you actually prefer cushions over other types of packaging?


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