Monday, 30 June 2014

Review: Etude House Play Color Eyes "So Chic Play" Eyeshadow Palette

Hi, everyone!

So, I'm probably going to be the last person ever to review this palette as it's an Etude House 2013 Limited Edition, but I just can't order Korean make-up without sharing at least some swatches on my blog. ^-^"

A couple of weeks back I got the Etude House Play Color Eyes "So Chic Play" palette off eBay on a whim because I randomly decided I needed a new eyeshadow palette. My previously loved Sleek palette expired and started to cause major fallouts. >.<

About this Product
Back in 2013, Etude House released two Limited Edition eyeshadow palettes with 10x1g colors of eyeshadow each named "So Hot Play" and "So Chic Play". Both feature two different colour schemes which can be used to create a variety of looks, suited for everyday wear and nights out.

Top: So Chic Play, Bottom: So Hot Play
The palettes include mattes, shimmery and sparkly eyeshadows. 

Both palettes are pretty much sold out at all major Korean make-up suppliers and in-store, but they can still be purchased via Amazon and eBay. So Chic Play is definitely more sought after, so you need to act quickly if you really want it! 

They sell for around 25$.

More information & swatches of So Chic Play under the cut! ~

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Outfit: Beige Shirt and Ripped Jeans Shorts

Hello, everyone! ~

Since I recently received my Fashionsuzy order, I thought I'd do an outfit post as I've posted quite a lot of reviews lately. ^.^ Don't worry, though! I still have a bunch of products that I'm currently testing and that I'll share with you soon!

What I'm wearing in this post is really casual, but I love it nevertheless! I wore it to visit my grandparents to celebrate my recent graduation. It was a small lunch get-together so don't be surprised by my casualness, haha!

T-Shirt: Fashionsuzy (NAK classic simple v neck tee in Skinbeige ~15,12$, sold out)
Shorts: Fashionsuzy (MINT daily denim shorts in Light Blue ~ 32,14$)
Shoes: local boutique
Bag: H&M (old, might still be on sale at the moment)
Necklace: some boutique in Cannes

I actually got these shorts for 3$ because they were wrongly listed! Such a bargain. I adore them! 

 I'm still not fully confident with how my face looks on camera. 

 You can still see the residues of the blisters that the shoes I wore in my last outfit post gave me. T_T


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints #PP501 Cherry Lavender & #OR202 Cherry Coral (Limited Edition)

Hi, everyone! ~

Before I start with the review, let me tell you that I'm in a little love-hate relationship with this product. A while ago, I reviewed the sample size of the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints and I loved them. Which is probably why I had such high expectation in this product and why I wasn't fully satisfied by it. ^^

Today, I present you the Limited Edition: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints in #PP501 and #OR202.

This product claims....
to be smooth and moist like milk.
to moisturize your lips for a long period of time.
not to leave a stain.

Capacity: 9g

How to use: Spread it evenly across your lips. Apply an extra layer for more coverage. Discontinue if it causes any irritations.

Where to buy?
Beautynetkorea for 6,21$

You can read my full review below the cut! ~

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Review: Holika Holika Petit BB Essential

Hello, everyone! ~

I'm so happy to report that I'm finally done with all my exams (!!!) and that I can fully concentrate on testing products and blogging about them again. I'm so excited for the summer holidays, too! You can expect a lot of outfit posts once I find a decent location to shoot them at.

Anyway, today I'm going to review Holika Holika's Essential Petit BB Cream! I'm currently in the act of finishing all my half-empty BB creams but I still picked up a new one during my last haul because I was afraid I might run out.

This BB cream is one out of a set of 5 BB creams, all of which serve a different purpose.

This product claims... 
to contain caviar & collagen extracts.
to help with your skin's elasticity.
to contain SPF30 PA++.
to be a high nourishing cream.
to provide high coverage

Capacity: 30ml

How to use: Apply evenly on your skin. Upon any sign of irritation, discontinue the use immediately.

Where to buy?
Beautynetkorea for 5,85$
Koreadepart for 4,68$
W2Beauty for 9,50$

Read more about this BB cream under the cut! ~

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Review: ARITAUM Honey Melting Tint #9 Peach Crumble

Hello, everyone! ~

Since most of you have requested a lippy review after my recent haul post, I decided to start off this series of product presentations with my favourite of all of them! The ARITAUM Honey Melting Tint in #09 Peach Crumble. Prepare for a slightly biased review, I really love this product and you'll probably notice that a lot haha. ^^

This is the first lippy from ARITAUM that I've tried and I'm really excited to try many more.

This product claims...
to spread smoothly and to melt onto your lips like honey.
to be a lip balm / tint. 2 in 1. :)
to prevent colour from blurring.
to be longlasting.

Volume: 4g

How to use: You can either use this tint to create a smooth gradient or you can apply it fully.

Where to buy?
Beautynetkorea for 9,89$
W2Beauty for 12,50$

Read more about this product under the cut! ~

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Beautynetkorea Haul ♥ ~

Hello, everyone! ♥ ~

It seems like the summer has finally arrived in Austria! It is hot, the sun is blazing; The perfect weather to go swimming! Well, that is, if I actually had the time to do so. I'm still studying for my oral finals, which are scheduled to monday of next week. I'm so nervous!

Anyway, today I received one of my orders from Beautynetkorea! The second parcel (as well as some other goodies I treated myself to during one of my online-shopping escapades) should arrive fairly soon. ^.^ When I found the parcel in my mail today, I was actually quite pleasantly surprised, as I had assumed that the post doesn't deliver parcels on wednesdays.

When I first held the parcel in my hand, I wondered why the cardboard was a little squishy and not as sturdy as usually. Well, it turned out that somehow, my parcel got soaked on it's way to Austria. T_T

Fortunately, none of my products were damaged in any way!

This is what I bought! I already tested the Honey melting tint and I can't wait to get my hands on the other products! The Petit BB seems promising, too. ^_^

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Lavender: I got totally soaked T_T
The adorable package is completely ruined. >.< Well, at least the product itself was safe and well protected by a thick layer of bubble wrap. When I opened the packaging, I found tiny water driplets on the bottle of the tint, but they didn't do any damage.
I'm really curious how this happened to my package but I guess I'll never know. ~

Beautynetkorea showered me in samples. I was so surprised because they have never sent me this many satchets before! I got two satchets of each product, which is great because that way I can do proper sample reviews. I can't wait to share my thoughts on these products with you!

This concludes the first haul. ^^

I will be back with a review of one of these items next week! However, probably won't be the eyeliner because I'm still waiting for two more colours before I'm going to write about it. :) Unless, of course, you don't mind multiple posts about the same product in different shades!

Let me know what products you'd like me to review first!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Tutorial: Sweet Pink Ulzzang Make-Up Look

Hello, everyone! ~ ♥

I hope you're all well. ^^ So, I've been browsing the K-Fashion tag on tumblr a lot lately, which didn't only persuaded me to order a few new pieces of clothing for the warm months but it also inspired me to pick up an Ulzzang-inspired make-up style again. Oh, and I also cut my fringe again! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share one of my favourite Ulzzang-inspired looks with you!

Please keep in mind that this tutorial is best suited for Caucasian eyes and that it's not 100% authentic since I'm neither Korean nor an Ulzzang. I just enjoy the style and try to recreate it in the best way possible. ^^
I am also missing circle lenses, which are essential for the Ulzzang style.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Outfit: Purple Velvet and Amethyst Print


After I had actually given up on the weather already and accepted that there would be no real summer this year, it eventually changed to the better. Today was a wonderfully sunny day and I finally had the chance to take decent pictures of an OOTD that I've meant to post a week ago.

Before I show you the final outcome I just wanted to tell you that I'm still a little awkward in front of the camera, I hope you won't mind. ♥ ~

Top: Black Milk Clothing (sold out) / Skirt: Black Milk Clothing / Shoes: H&M (2013) similar model

More pictures under the cut.  

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Beauty: 10 Tips for Healthy Skin

Hello, my dearest readers!  ♥

I've recently received a lot of compliments regarding my skin condition, which really flattered me a lot. I therefore decided to share some simple tips that helped me to acheive and to preserve my current skin condition.

Before I start, a little backstory about my skin:
In my teenage years, my skin was terribly uneven. I had breakouts that wouldn't go away, I had hormonal acne across my forehead, oily skin- you name it. The only concern that I was spared by was cystic acne, which I am still terribly grateful about.
I saw some dermatologists, but the harsh creams that they prescribed only made everything worse.

Nowadays, my main skin concerns are breakouts and some redness as well as clogged pores due to my haircut. I also learned to understand that  most of my issues were caused by hormones and that time was the best of all prescribed cures.

First off, I consider all of these tips common knowledge. Yet, we like to flat out ignore them at times. I hope they can help some of you to get healthier and better looking skin!

1) Remove your make-up every night.
Yes, even when it's 1am and you are coming home from a night out with your girlfriends you'll need to remove your make-up. You want to go to bed with clean skin because otherwise your make-up might rub off onto your pillowcase and stay there, which can cause even more breakouts than the make-up you left on your skin.

2) Cleanse two times a day.
I used to be very generous with this rule myself until I realize that it actually does make a difference if you cleanse in the morning, too. This rule is crucial if you leave any products on your face over the night, like face packs.

3) Use Facial Masks / Perform a Deep Cleanse at least once a week.
I do this to reduce the chance of breakouts. Besides that, most masks / packs have other beneficial effects that can help your skin to look better. (e.g.: they moisturize, reduce redness, minimize your pores...) Clay masks also soak up the excess oils on your face and help to make your skin softer and to control the sebum.
A deep cleanse once a week is especially important because it removes all dead skin cells.

4) Use the right products for your skintype.  
If you have oily skin, you probably shouldn't use that BB cream that is targeted at people with dry skin. It won't help your skin but it will most likely work against it and only make your concerns worse. Be careful when buying new make-up and skincare products and double-check their purpose.

5) Don't use too many products on your skin.
Cleanser, Toner, Emulsion, Essence, Moisturizer, Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Setting Powder. That's a lot, isn't it?
Reconsider your make-up and skincare routine and eliminate the products that you don't need. I'm sure that everyone of us has at least one product in there that is not essential. Who knows if that one product you don't actually need that much isn't the one that is causing your breakouts?
Your facial routine should be effective, not overly time consuming.

My essential steps are the following: Cleanser - Moisturizer - (Primer) - BB Cream (with SPF!) - Concealer (if needed). It is really important that you wear sunscreen on a daily basis, even when it's not especially sunny outside.

6) Avoid touching your face. 
This is probably one of the most important rules. Our hands are full of germs that we don't want to come in contact with our skin. There might be this one, really annoying spot on your forehead, but touching it will only make it worse.

7) Keep everything clean that touches your face. 
I'm talking about your make-up brushes, your phone, your glasses, your bedsheets and even your hair. There are hundreds of things that touch our face even though we generally don't realize it at first. I know it can be a hassle to wash your make-up brushes or to change your bedsheets but it really pays off. I had to realize it myself that my fringe was causing the breakouts on my forehead. :)

8) Eat Healthy and Consciously.
Sadly, the proverb "You are what you eat" applies to our skin. A diet rich in carbs and fat can be the cause of breakouts.
But it's not only about what you eat but also about how you eat: Always be conscious of the unseen residues of your lunch like oils that stay on your lips and cause breakouts around your mouth and on your chin area.

9) Drink a lot of Water.
Drinking a lot of water will help to improve your skin condition over the time. Cut down on the soft drinks and the sugary juices, it won't only help your skin but it will also make you feel better about yourself. My favourite alternative: Sparkly water with freshly pressed lemon juice. :)

10) Work out.
Your skin actually benefits a lot from physical exercise. By increasing the blood flow, exercising nourishes our skin cells and keeps them healthy. The blood flow also helps to carry away waste products from your working cells.
Besides that, it was also shown that exercising eases stress, which is usually a deciding factor in your skin's health. The lower your stress level, the better. :)

I hope that these simple tips help you to acheive healthy and happy skin! :)

- Elina

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