Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Beautynetkorea Haul ♥ ~

Hello, everyone! ♥ ~

It seems like the summer has finally arrived in Austria! It is hot, the sun is blazing; The perfect weather to go swimming! Well, that is, if I actually had the time to do so. I'm still studying for my oral finals, which are scheduled to monday of next week. I'm so nervous!

Anyway, today I received one of my orders from Beautynetkorea! The second parcel (as well as some other goodies I treated myself to during one of my online-shopping escapades) should arrive fairly soon. ^.^ When I found the parcel in my mail today, I was actually quite pleasantly surprised, as I had assumed that the post doesn't deliver parcels on wednesdays.

When I first held the parcel in my hand, I wondered why the cardboard was a little squishy and not as sturdy as usually. Well, it turned out that somehow, my parcel got soaked on it's way to Austria. T_T

Fortunately, none of my products were damaged in any way!

This is what I bought! I already tested the Honey melting tint and I can't wait to get my hands on the other products! The Petit BB seems promising, too. ^_^

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Lavender: I got totally soaked T_T
The adorable package is completely ruined. >.< Well, at least the product itself was safe and well protected by a thick layer of bubble wrap. When I opened the packaging, I found tiny water driplets on the bottle of the tint, but they didn't do any damage.
I'm really curious how this happened to my package but I guess I'll never know. ~

Beautynetkorea showered me in samples. I was so surprised because they have never sent me this many satchets before! I got two satchets of each product, which is great because that way I can do proper sample reviews. I can't wait to share my thoughts on these products with you!

This concludes the first haul. ^^

I will be back with a review of one of these items next week! However, probably won't be the eyeliner because I'm still waiting for two more colours before I'm going to write about it. :) Unless, of course, you don't mind multiple posts about the same product in different shades!

Let me know what products you'd like me to review first!


  1. I am so curous about aritaums lippy!! Will be waiting for your review~~

  2. I'm so curious about the sample sachets and the lippies! :D Can't wait for your review! <3

    Strawberry Bunny

  3. The packaging is so cute! ^__^

  4. Milky Rabbit ♡13 June 2014 at 22:25

    Love the tints! Can't wait for a review ❤️

  5. everything looks lovely!


  6. I'm totally in love with the lippy! It's so hard to keep the review neutral and unbiased, I love it so much haha. :D thank you for reading!

  7. I wonder when I'll find the time to actually go through all these samples :D especially since I don't really use conditioning cream or products against oily skin. Thank you so much for stopping by, Sephie. c:

  8. I know, right. ^-^ Thank you for reading <3

  9. I totally love lip tints, I really want to get myself the Etude House ones too after seeing your other review >.<
    Have you tried Innisfree liptints before? I really like them^^

  10. I've tried them both already and I'm a little torn haha. I loved the samples of the other Cherry Tints that I've gotten but the full sized products are a little underwhelming. Or maybe it's just because my lips need a lot of moisture, they're so chapped at the moment. >< I'll test them some more before sharing my final verdict. :)
    I've never actually tried Innisfree's tints, only lipsticks! I'll look into them the next time I order some cosmetics. :)

  11. I will wait until you do then^^ I've got so many things I want to buy, but just so few money to spent, so I guess it's rather good if somethings gets cancelt from my list ;D


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