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Review: ARITAUM Honey Melting Tint #9 Peach Crumble

Hello, everyone! ~

Since most of you have requested a lippy review after my recent haul post, I decided to start off this series of product presentations with my favourite of all of them! The ARITAUM Honey Melting Tint in #09 Peach Crumble. Prepare for a slightly biased review, I really love this product and you'll probably notice that a lot haha. ^^

This is the first lippy from ARITAUM that I've tried and I'm really excited to try many more.

This product claims...
to spread smoothly and to melt onto your lips like honey.
to be a lip balm / tint. 2 in 1. :)
to prevent colour from blurring.
to be longlasting.

Volume: 4g

How to use: You can either use this tint to create a smooth gradient or you can apply it fully.

Where to buy?
Beautynetkorea for 9,89$
W2Beauty for 12,50$

Read more about this product under the cut! ~

About the Product

ARITAUM describes this product as a 2 in 1: lip balm and lip tint. It is supposed to melt onto your lips like honey. It is described as longlasting and it revives your lips natural liveliness.

You can either create a gradient lip (ombrè lip) or you can also apply it fully.

It comes in 10 different shades:


The tint comes in a typical plastic packaging, which doesn't necessarily feel cheap but it's definitely not a high-end product either. The cap indicates which color you got, which is a really nice detail because you can tell them apart super easily this way.

At the side, the exact name of the lip tint is printed onto the cap. There is also a plastic seal which indicates if your product has been opened before or not. There is no ingredients list, which is a bit of a shame.

You get 4g of product in total. This is what the bullet looks like if it's extended completely:


This is what two swipes of product look like. You can tell that it's quite pigmented, which is a great plus.


All of the pictures below were taken with flash. 


#9 Peach Crumble is a gorgeous shade of lipstick which I think is perfectly suited for summer time! It looks super pretty and I'm so happy that I've finally found a shade of peach that I actually like on my lips. It's not exaclty the same shade as shown on the promotional picture, but I think it comes very close. It looks more like the cap than the bullet in the promo picture and it's slightly less milky.

The lipstick glides on super easily. It feels very moisturizing, creamy and it only minimally accentuates my dry lips. I didn't use any lipbalm / exfoilator in the pictures above. It reminds me a little of the MAC Cream sheen lipsticks only that this one is even more moisturizing.
It has a glossy finish, which I really like because it makes my lips look healthy and shiny. The tint is scented, which might not be of everyone's liking. Peach Crumble reminded me of some peach candy that I used to eat when I was little. It made me wonder if the scents were actually chosen to fit the names. ^^

Lasting Power: Even though this tint is described as longlasting, it needs to be reapplied after eating / drinking as it does stain. I found that the stain that it leaves behind looks quite nice on it's own. For #9, it's a natural peach colour.

Recommend? Yes!

Repurchase? I literally want all of them.

5 / 5

Have you tired any ARITAUM products before? Did you love them as much as I did?

The next time I'll talk to you, I'll be done with my oral exams. I'm really nervous and excited at the same time. Wish me luck! <3


  1. Hey! I really liked your blog it's so cute, so you have one more follower. :) The coulour of this lipstick is so similar to one I have, and I think it's perfect for the summer.
    xx, Laura.
    Check out my new post!

  2. Aww, thank you so much, Laura! I really apprechiate your follow! :) Thank you so much for reading, dear! <3

  3. It is really more pigmentated than I expected. I only used Aritaum's Cushion pencils so far and I loved them :)

  4. Just the name of this would make me want to try it! I love the shade and would love to try on of these, you have lovely skin by the way :)

    The Velvet Black // UK
    Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  5. The packaging is boring >n< But it looks like a really nice color on you!

    Great post~

  6. this looks really pretty on you <3 I want to try this too!

  7. Such a beautiful colour, it looks really pretty on you! Such a gorgeous summery colour, I love tints too as they're so much lighter than a lipstick.

    Meg |

  8. I'm really glad the tint turned out to be this pigmented! I was so afraid that it'd be sheer. I haven't tried the cushion pencils yet but they sound interesting!
    Thank you for reading, Fräulein! :) x

  9. The names sound so delishious, right! Well, maybe except Bitter Rose haha. :) Thank you so much, Alice!

  10. Haha! Yeah, it's not the most exciting packaging, I agree. :)

  11. Thank you! <3 I think you'd like this tint a lot. :)

  12. Thank you, Meg! <3 Tints are really great, especially in summer! I love them. :)

  13. The color's wonderful on you! :D I'm so curious as to how the other color would look like when applied :o

    Strawberry Bunny

  14. The color is really beautiful and the glossy finish makes it prettier and healthy looking too! I'd like to try this lip tint as well as it looks moisturizing for my dry lips :D thank you for the review elina <3

  15. Hi, great review :D This line was really scented according to the name of the lip tint. Mine is No. 10 Bitter Rose and it smells heavenly like roses :3

  16. Love the post! Can I ask what foundation you are using in this post? It looks amazing and so dewy! :)

  17. Thank you, Sarah! Uhm, I'm afraid I really don't know, it's been too long! However, I'd guess that it was Holika Holika's Petit BB in Essential, as I've been loving that one recently. :)


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