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Review: Holika Holika Petit BB Essential

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I'm so happy to report that I'm finally done with all my exams (!!!) and that I can fully concentrate on testing products and blogging about them again. I'm so excited for the summer holidays, too! You can expect a lot of outfit posts once I find a decent location to shoot them at.

Anyway, today I'm going to review Holika Holika's Essential Petit BB Cream! I'm currently in the act of finishing all my half-empty BB creams but I still picked up a new one during my last haul because I was afraid I might run out.

This BB cream is one out of a set of 5 BB creams, all of which serve a different purpose.

This product claims... 
to contain caviar & collagen extracts.
to help with your skin's elasticity.
to contain SPF30 PA++.
to be a high nourishing cream.
to provide high coverage

Capacity: 30ml

How to use: Apply evenly on your skin. Upon any sign of irritation, discontinue the use immediately.

Where to buy?
Beautynetkorea for 5,85$
Koreadepart for 4,68$
W2Beauty for 9,50$

Read more about this BB cream under the cut! ~

About the Product

There are 5 different versions of this product, each is tailored to fulfill a different purpose.

Essential (orange): Improves skin elasticity, anti-aging, whitening, hydrates | Caviar and Collagen essence
Shimmering (pink): Radiates, brightens, suitable for darker toned skin, slight shimmer | Pearl Powder
Moisture (dark blue): Nourishes, moisurizes, increases elasticity | Hyaluronic Acid
Clearing (turquoise): For troubled skin, soothing, moisturizes | Tea Tree extracts
Watery (green): For natural make-up, hydrates, brightens | Tea and Glacial water
(information on

According to COSDNA, the ingredients are completely safe. You can check for yourself here.
-> Ingredients list.


Note: The tube looks so much bigger in the pictures. In reality, it's really small, which makes it very travel friendly and convenient. The design is cute, but it's by far nothing special.

There is not a single English word on the backside, which is a bit of a shame. I'm really glad that websites like CosDNA exist, otherwise I'd have no idea what this BB cream is made of!

The dispenser is a bit wonky. You need to squeeze the tube a little too hard for my liking in order for product to come out. If you do that, however, you can be sure that you'll push out too much in the process as you only need very little product for your face. >.<

It's also a little unhygenic if you don't constantly wipe off the leftover cream.


The cream's undertone is definitely on the greyish side when you dispense it. Once you spread it it's much less grey, though.

I did a little oil control test, too. I've definitely seen worse BB creams and foundations. I think the results are decent, especially for a product that doesn't claim to control oil well.


Beware! No-make-up face ahead! I have some ugly breakouts because of recent stress. >.<

One layer of BB cream manages to even out my skintone very nicely! 

This product is very solid, consistency-wise. It doesn't run at all, it's very creamy and rich. A small dot easily suffices for one application, which indicates that this BB cream will last me very long despite its small size. It is scented, but the scent quickly fades after application.

Coverage: The BB cream has a nice, heavy coverage. However, nasty blemishes will still need a second layer or some extra concealer. It's definitely buildable and doesn't get caky too quickly as long as you spread it carefully and apply it in thin layers.

Lasting Power: Decent but I'd advise to use a base in order to prevent fading. Without a base it lasted me for good 5 hours with some fading in the T-zone. (mainly induced by myself because I touched my face a lot

Recommended? Yes! You get so much value for your money and this BB cream is definitely worth trying out!

Repurchase? Well, I originally wanted to try out Clearing / Watery but I like this one so much that I might stick with it. I think I'll get one of those three for travelling. ^.^

4 / 5

Have you tried one of these travel-friendly BB creams yet? Do you like them? Or did the cheap price tag scare you off?


  1. Well now I want try this Bb Cream, I tried watery and clearing, bth are very good bb creams and very cheap and after read your review now I want try the Essential because looks very good too!

  2. The only BB cream I tried was the one from Etude House. I can't really say it works for me. I think my skin got irritated from it @_@

    Strawberry Bunny

  3. wow it looks really nice on you <3 i tend to shy away from bb creams with grey undertones because they really don't match my skintone well.

  4. Never heard of this brand but boy does it look cute :-) And the BB cream sounds really nice, too! I just doubt that it would work on my oily skin, being so rich.

  5. So sorry for the late reply, Sakuranko! I actually purchased this BB cream after reading your review! If you hadn't posted it, I probably wouldn't have tried it! I'm so glad I did, though. :)

  6. What a shame! :( That's truly unfortunate. I basically live in BB cream ever since I tried it. Foundations don't work for me at all, they are far too heavy.

  7. Thank you! I actually prefer BB creams with grey undertones because they tend to be a better match for my complexion. :)

  8. I know! I don't like using foundation either because of that @_@ I might try CC creams though : /


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