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Tutorial: Sweet Pink Ulzzang Make-Up Look

Hello, everyone! ~ ♥

I hope you're all well. ^^ So, I've been browsing the K-Fashion tag on tumblr a lot lately, which didn't only persuaded me to order a few new pieces of clothing for the warm months but it also inspired me to pick up an Ulzzang-inspired make-up style again. Oh, and I also cut my fringe again! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share one of my favourite Ulzzang-inspired looks with you!

Please keep in mind that this tutorial is best suited for Caucasian eyes and that it's not 100% authentic since I'm neither Korean nor an Ulzzang. I just enjoy the style and try to recreate it in the best way possible. ^^
I am also missing circle lenses, which are essential for the Ulzzang style.

The Products I used

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion (Mint)
Tonymoly Cats Wink BB Cream
Lioele Perfect Jumbo Concealer
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Pen (03)

Sleek iDivine Storm Palette
Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen
L'oréal False Lash Extensions Mascara

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint (PK001)
Etude House Color Lips-fit (PK002)


You want to start with a clean and moisturized face. 

Apply a base of your choice and spread a moderate amount of BB cream on your skin.
You want your skin to look as flawless as possible. Use your concealer of choice to cover dark circles and blemishes. 

Fill in your eyebrows and try to make them as straight as possible. This will give you an innocent look. ^^

Use a nude eyeshadow to prime your eyes so the following colours will blend more easily. 

Use a light pink / champagne, shimmery eyeshadow and cover your lid. (upper row, second on the right)

Then, use a darker rosey shade in a similar fashion as you'd apply eyeliner and blend the two shades together. (upper row, first on the right

Use a white shimmery eyeshadow to brighten up the corners of your eye. This makes your eyes look bigger and draws attention to them. 

For the eyeliner, you want to recreate the famous puppy-look. Use a liquid eyeliner and naturally extend your upper lashline. I'm using a black eyeliner but you can also try shades of brown and grey if it looks too harsh on you. Be careful to arch your eyeliner downwards and not upwards like you would draw a classical winged eyeliner. 

Connect the tip of the eyeliner with your lower lashline and fill in the blank space. 

Take a q-tip and smudge the eyeliner a little so it looks more natural. 

Apply mascara to finish off your eye make-up. 

You want to start off with moisturized lips.

Apply a light pink tint of your choice. I'm using Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001

Then, use a darker shade of pink and dab it onto the center of your lips. I'm using Etude House Color Lips-fit in PK002

Blend it to create a soft gradient effect.

Done! ♥

I tried some Ulzzang selca poses haha. ^.^
I think this type of make-up would look a lot better with a nice pair of circle lenses! I'll use one in my next tutorial, promised!

Please tell me what you think! ~


  1. I've been a fan of the ulzzang look for years now, and I gotta say your tutorial is indeed fit for caucasians :)) It looks really good on you! I've been so thankful for the huge acceptance of the ulzzang look since they pretty much cater to those who would rather look younger with lesser makeup and wouldn't wanna take too long with doing their makeup but would still look cute and presentable for the day, lol. The makeup looks good on you even without the lenses too! You have really pretty eyes :)

    Strawberry Bunny

  2. adorable love the make up dear... new post in my blog =) we can also follow follow each other if you like =) just let me know. hugs

  3. The lip colour looks so good! And it's perfect for the summer! I love how natural this ulzzang make up is! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've been experimenting with the Ulzzang style ever since I started my blog and I gotta say that I really love it! However, as a Caucasian, I sometimes fear that I'd be looked down upon because I don't have typical Korean features. I don't want to be called a "wannabe" haha. :)
    I just love the style because it's so simple and suitable for everyday wear, unlike Gyaru. Besides that, I don't really like my adult face haha, which is also why I decided to wear a fringe again. :)
    Thank you! I think I'll get some lenses for future posts because it'd make the look more authentic, but I wouldn't wear them daily.
    Thank you so much for reading, Sephie! <3

  5. Thank you so much, April, I really apprechiate it a lot. :) I prefer to keep my make-up more natural. Mostly because I'm too lazy to do a time consuming look on a daily basis haha. x

  6. I love this SO much! You look absolutely amazing.

  7. I know what you mean. Even with us Asians, we still get picked on and are called "wannabes" if we try the ulzzang look for ourselves. Like, wth, right? People can be really negative for no particular reason (especially online). Personally though, I don't think the negative feedback really matters. Just do what you wanna do as long as you're happy doing it, that's all that matters! :D I'm sure a lot of people out there loves that you're trying to make the ulzzang look fit with caucasians :) It's like fashion; there's a variety so people can pick and try out different things ;)

  8. I like the pink eye makeup! The shimmer makes it really pretty. Thanks for the tutorial! ^^

    xx, | Latest post: Propolis For Acne

  9. This look so gorgeous! It looks perfect on you and it's such a simple and natural make up look that I try to put on and can go with it everywhere and you are so good with writing this tutorial.
    totally smitten by your blog, love it xx

    Intan Thalia

  10. Could not stop staring at your lashes, it's like a fan of lusciousness!

  11. It's definitely one of my favourite colours for my eyes. :) I really need to repurchase it! Mine is almost empty. >< Thank you for reading, Mitch!

  12. Thank you so much, that means such a lot to me! :) I'm really happy that you like my blog! Thank you for reading. :) x

  13. Aww thank you! I love my lashes, they're so easy to work with!


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