Monday, 28 July 2014

FOTD: Smokey Eyes and Red Lips

Catrice Smokey Eyes Set 030
L'oreal False Lashes Telescopic Mascara


After feeling not-so-well for a couple of days, I went on a relaxed night-out with my lovely boyfriend and his best friend, which was the perfect reason to finally doll up again after the seemingly endless sick days. Well, I did not go all the way and you can still somewhat spot my dark circles, but I made some kind of an effort so I wanted to share this simple and classic look with you. This is only my second attempt at smokey eyes as I've never really been interested in them and prefered more natural make up but not that I've taken the plunge, I fell in love with the style!
The only thing besides my untamable eyebrows that is bothering me in some way is my fringe - it looks so messy at the moment as it's growing out and I can't seem to tame it!

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  1. Lovely makeup, this makes such a great combination. And wow, you have amazing eyes! So jealous!

    Elesaurus |

  2. That's a great lipstick shade on you! It's nice to see so much Korean makeup used.

  3. You look very pretty! The smokey eye looks great :)


  4. Thank you! I was actually a little insecure about whether or not to upload this as I'm far from proficient at doing smokey eyes but I think I'm getting better. :)

  5. mit dieser Schminke siehst du ur schön aus!
    passt dir!

  6. This makeup look looks so gorgeous on you! :D love it!

  7. Ok your hair looks so cool in the first picture! Did you style your bangs to look layered or was that just a coincidence?

  8. Thank you! I only ran my fingers through my fringe and it ended up like this for some reason! It only really showed up on camera, though. Only a coincidence. :)


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