Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Namechange: Cupcake Kisses is now Miss Blue Eyes

After almost 1 year of blogging, I took the plunge and changed my blog's name and got a proper domain.

Cupcake Kisses is now known as Miss Blue Eyes under the domain missblueeyes.com

While this may be enough information for some, I want to share my full thought process and why I made this decision in the first place.

It is all attributed to when I first started blogging in September 2013. Back then, I only saw my blog as an opportunity to improve my English. I would have never thought that anyone would ever read what I wanted to share with the world. Thus, and for the reason of wanting to fit with in my niche at that time, I chose a blog name that I was not so sure about keeping forever. Cupcake Kisses.
Now, I am notorious for dropping things I started even though I enjoyed them greatly at one time. Which is why a part of me is still surprised how I managed to get this far even though I was a complete make-up and fashion rookie when I started out.

After one year of blogging, I felt like my blog had grown with me. I felt like that my niche was suffocating me and that branching out to other topics like fashion, trends and western make-up was so much more fun. I did not want to be a beauty-only blogger, I wanted to be more. And I felt like my current name did not do my blog justice anymore. I wanted a name that I could be proud of sharing. A name, that I could print on business cards without feeling embarassed.

Why "Miss Blue Eyes"?

Thinking of a suitable name for my blog was hard, mind you! I went through a couple of ridiculous suggestions while brainstorming, such as "50 Shades of Blonde" or "Where is my Tiara?". At first, I was going for something in connection to my haircolor, but after remembering that I am notorious for changing it every other month, I decided to name my blog after something that most people remember me for, know me for and compliment on: My blue eyes. Now, this might seem a little vain, but my eyes are the only part of my body that I never felt conscious or bad about.

What is going to change?

At first, not much. I still love Korean cosmetics and I will continue posting reviews about them every once in a while. However, I want to do more outfit posts, trend posts, beauty essentials... you name it! I want diversity on my blog. There are going to be 4 categories on my blog: Beauty (reviews, essentials, looks, tips...), Fashion (outfits, lookbooks, trends...), Shopping (Hauls, Wishlists..) and Lifestyle (personal posts). Every post that I write is going to fit in one of these categories.

So basically, everything is going to be more organised!

I already contacted Bloglovin support, so my url will be changed. This means that none of you will have to refollow me! The only downside to all this is that I lost 8 comments on my last post. I have read them all and checked out your blogs but disqus couldn't recover them when migrating. 

Please let me know what you think! I'm so excited about this change!


  1. Glad to hear not much will change, but the new posts are going to be great! I love the name.x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. I like the new name and I think it's great you have ur own url now as well, I just bought my own a couple of months ago!

    Much love xxx


  3. Love the new name :D I agree with the eye thing, I've always been happy with my eye colour :D


  4. LOVE your new name! Looking forward to the new posts :)


  5. Nice,I love it!

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  6. Hi sweetie, I nominated you for a Liebster Award, you can check it here :3
    I love the new name, it really suits you and your blog

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

  7. Loving the new blog name! I just changed my blog URL too after a year and I'm so glad I did


  8. sounds like some nice new change! and I like the new name because you do have beautiful popping blue eyes!

  9. Thank you! Yeah, I don't feel the need to change a lot except for adding some diversity - a couple of months back, I only did reviews!

  10. Yes, an own url makes everything so much easier! Thank you for stopping by! x

  11. Thank you so much, Monica! I've been nominated before but I can't wait to redo it. :)

  12. My name has changed after a year of blogging too! Would love if you could check it out!

  13. I haven't been on blogger for a few weeks, so I was really surpised when I visited your blog, but totally in a positive way. The changes seem really nice and the layout&name is rocking. I'll be happy to read your post in the future just as I'm now :D


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