Sunday, 27 July 2014

Outfit: Kimono Craze

Ever since a friend of mine wore this gorgeous H&M kimono to school about half a year ago if not longer I knew that I had to have it as soon as possible. Especially when she added that she had gotten it in the sale! At that time, I hardly ever checked H&M so I had no idea what they had in store so I was more than happy to snatch this beautiful kimono for 10€. Granted, when I shot this outfit I probably would not have thrown it over my tank top + shorts combo that day. It was absolutely boiling outside, which is also why I went for a really simple face make-up. Anything too complex would have melted off my skin in seconds, anyway.
Funnily enough, even though that I totally fell for this season's kimono trend, I only purchased this one so far. Maybe I'm too picky or maybe I'm too stinted - who knows! 

Have you found a kimono for yourself yet? Tassels or no tassels? Colored or monochrome? 

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  1. I love it, super cute and H&M rocks! I haven't found a kimono for myself, but I'd love to try one! :)


  2. I like the geometric pattern on the kimono. It's different than most fabrics, so it definitely stands out.
    :] // ☼

  3. Can I just say that I love the color of your hair~ <3 and I've always wanted a kimono! But i never could find a good looking one :\ Maybe I'll search online~

    Love, Aimee

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  4. Love that kimono! I'm obsessed with the kimono trend at the minute.. I have 1 staple black one (of course) and the other 6 are brights. I would never think of checking out H&M for them but I'll have to have a look there next time! I think they're such a beautiful addition to a summer outfit, especially a light weight one even in hot weather. Perfect for a festival! x

  5. Thank you so much, Aimee! I was so torn between going for a different haircolor or keeping my current one but I'm so glad I stuck with the platinum blonde! Finding the right kimono is so hard! I got mine before the trend got rolling so I know exactly what you mean.

  6. Me too! I constantly look at kimonos online and think about how I'd style them. I wish I had a nice, bright one but I can't decide on the right pattern, it's so hard when there is such a big variety!

  7. I could say I tried a kimono of sorts in my latest post. Have been struggling with the name of the item - wasn't sure whether it was a cardigan, a kimono piece or just a vest or something...
    I'm a big fan of these greek black sandals of yours! They complete the outfit very well!


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