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Review: Lioele Stick Eye Shadow in Espresso and Black Stone (Sponsored)

A while ago, lots of Korean beauty companies released a product that sounded almost too good: stick eyeshadow. They were announced as an easily applyable alternative to the traditional eyeshadow palettes or singles for on the go, but are they really as good as promised? I tested Lioele's Stick Eye Shadows in the shades #7 Espresso and #8 Black Stone for you and they were definitely not as impressive as I hoped they'd be.

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored by Beautynetkorea. However, this does not sway my opinion of this product in any way.

The shades Espresson and Black Stone are the most recent addition to Lioele's ever growing stick eyeshadow series. They are described as chic and sophisticated in contrast to the cute, pastel shades that the rest of the range consists of.

The stick form that this product comes in is supposed to make the application process of eyeshadows more convenient, and to make eyeshadows more portable than before. The formulation is vegetable-oil based and applies smoothly. Lioele promises a longlasting, highly pigmented color combined with a pearly, shimmery and creamy finish that is blendable and easy to work with.

The packaging is very sleek and sophisticated - just what I expected from Lioele. The top of the small boxes give away the color names in English and Hangul as well as the designated numbers. A full English ingredients list is included, too.

The bottom of the eyeshadow stick conveniently gives away the shade of the product, just like the box. Furthermore does the container display the manufacturing date. Each stick contains 1.4 g of product, which is released by twisting the bottom of the stick. The silver Lioele print makes the product look much more sophisticated than it actually is. It overall feels a little cheap and it only stands on its own when it's shut since the bottom part is rounded off. The cap is sturdy, it won't come off easily, which makes the Lioele Eyeshadow Stick really travel-friendly.

room (daylight) - flash - sunlight - window (daylight)

I included a couple more swatches than usually because the colors really changed a lot depending on the lighting. All swatches were taken without a primer.

#7 Espresso: A copper shade with okay pigmentation and a visible shimmer. It's definitely the better shade of the two although it's still a little sheer when applied on the lids without a primer.

#8 Black Stone: A light, charcoal grey shade with an underwhelming pigmentation. Lioele advertised this shade in particular for the smokey eyes look, but I couldn't make it work properly as the eyeshadow comes off quite sheer on the lids.


First of all, I personally find the application process utterly tedious. The stick is a little too small to spread the eyeshadow quickly enough for it to be convenient. It's hard to get used to it. Without a primer, the product comes of less pigmented than in the swatches. The lasting power is absolutely sub-par as it started to crease after about 30 minutes. My eyelids are not particularly oily but after a couple of hours, all that was left on my eyes was a light grey or yellow-ish mess, depending on what color I tried out. It just wouldn't stay in place.
I was really disappointed by this product and I would not recommend it. I had such high hopes in this product, but it's not even worth the 5$ that it sells for.

Final Rating: 1 / 5

Can you imagine applying your eyeshadow in a similar fashion as your eyeliner? What product has left you disappinted recently?


  1. I bought one "eye shadow stick" before, it was a dark blue gray and I absolutely loved it. It was from Avon and I should totally buy another one now that I'm thinking...

    The packaging of these are so cute and I do love that coppery color... such a shame that they didn't really work out! :(


  2. Great, in-depth review! The swatches & packaging look lovely - shame about the lasting power :(


  3. The coppery shade is so pretty, so it's a shame that they weren't great to apply! The lasting time sounds pretty poor as well! :/

    Kathryn | effievanity

  4. too bad they sucked :s thanks for sharing though, saves us alot of trouble!

  5. Beautiful colours, I really love that copper one! Such a shame these were disappointing overall.


  6. I've never bought an eye shadow stick before but I have heard good reviews on brands such as the NARs ones. Maybe only the more high end ones work well?

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  7. I usually buy eye shadow sticks in light colors to use under the eye for aegyo sals ;; so maybe these would work better for me as I don't like heavy eye makeup/eye shadows (since they're so sheer) too bad that they didn't work for you!

  8. Nice review. I normally don't like things like stick eyeshadow or colour tattoo eyeshadows: I find applying powder eyeshadow a hundred times easier. x

  9. Same! Although I don't really find applying eyeshadows easy. I lack practice and the right technique. :)

  10. I hate this stick shadows, too. I bought them two years ago and threw them away because they smudged a lot :(


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