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Review: Tonymoly BCDation in 01 Pink Beige (Sponsored)

Hi, everyone!

What do you prefer? Foundation? BB Cream? CC Cream? I personally think it's hard to decide between the coverage of a good foundation and the skincare benefits of a CC cream. For that reason, I was even more excited when I discovered Tonymoly's BCDation, a liquid make up that combines all three of the above!

Disclamer: This product was sent to me by Beautynetkorea. Even though this is a sponsored review, I am not biased in any way and the opinons are entirely my own.

This product claims to....
provide the light and natural covering of BB cream.
have the moist and comfortable application of a CC cream.
be excellent for covering blemishes and spots like a foundation.
be light and longlasting.

Capacity: 50g

How to use? After basic skincare, gently apply an amount the size of a bean to the entire face.

Where to buy? Beautynetkorea for 16,74$

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About the Product
Tonymoly created a product that is meant to combine the light feeling of a BB cream, the moisture of a CC cream and the coverage of a foundation.
The product comes in 2 different shades, 01 Pink Beige (cool tone) and 02 Natural beige (warm tone) and has SPF 30 PA++.

According to Cos-DNA, the product contains might cause acne or irritate the skin but it's overall marked as safe. The product is also marked as 8-free, which means that it doesn't contain 8 particular ingredients which could be harmful for the skin, like for example Parabens.

The packaging itself is not very spectacular. Tonymoly went with nude tones combined with sleek, black fonts. The darker stripes have a light shimmer to them.

Fortunately, they give us a full English description and ingredients list of the product on the cardboard box!

The top of the box gives the color of the foundation as well as a barcode.

The bottle itself is very sturdy and gives off a very high-end impression.

Another big plus is the pump dispenser as it rations the foundation really well and because it's hygenic. ^-^


Daylight / Flash / Daylight 

Light Beige is a cool beige tone.

Oil test
1 min / 1 hour / 3 hours



This product is very runny, light-weight and provides a medium to high coverage depending on how many layers your apply. One layer will suffice for redness and some small spots. It feels moisturizing and it has a natural, matte finish. I think that the bottle will last me a long time as I need only one pump of product to cover my entire face.

Lasting Time: The lasting time is decent. Without a base, it lasted me for good 6 hours and even afterwards it only faded minimally.

Scent: I'm not a big fan of the scent but if fades rather quickly.

Recommended? Yes! I absolutely love the product and I'll keep using it for sure.

Repurchase? Yes. If I ever run out, I have like 5 other BB creams to use up.

Edit: I recently realized that this shade is slightly too pink for my skin and thus looks too dark on me. For other people with MAC NW13 skin, I'd recommend the warm-toned Natural Beige shade instead.

5 / 5

What do you think of this product? Do you think it's possible to combine all the benefits of BB cream, CC cream and foundation?

Talk to you soon!


  1. Oooooh, i saw that bcdation some months ago, and i've been wanting to try it out ever since **
    It looks lovely, i like that matte finish, it's not to cakey or dull ** so pretty *


  2. It has such a great finish! And it looks really natural on you.

  3. This BB cream looks so good on you!~ (And your pictures are so clear and nice, wat i luv it.) Thanks for the review, Elina! (: Your eyes are really really blue btw, very pretty. *__* I am jealous.

  4. Woah, your skin looks so flawless!

    By the way, I am sorry if it way too mean but, is it just me or the shade of this BCDation looks a really little bit darker on you? Like you have sun kissed skin? :D

  5. I have a travel size of this bb cream, too and I agree absolutely on your review :) The finish is really nice. Thanks dear ♥

  6. wow 8 free !!
    but still have Talc in it, heard that its not good for the skin too
    i love the result on your skin though
    looks very natural

  7. I was really curious about this ! Thanks for reviewing

  8. It's an absolutely lovely product! I'm sure you'd love it. :)

  9. I know, right? I absolutely love the natural finish. :)
    Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I still have 5 other bb creams to use up but I keep getting more. :S

  10. I'm so glad you like my posts, June. ^-^
    Thank you so much! <3 I think they look a little scary in the pictures but I'm glad you like them. ~

  11. Thank you, Iqbal! It's far from flawless but I'm trying really hard.
    That's not mean at all! I think it looks a little darker because my hair is so fair, which makes my skin appear slightly tanned. :) I actually like the effect a lot, it makes me seem less pale! Especially now in summer. Thank you for reading!

  12. Yes, it's really unfortunate that they just can't leave out all the bad ingredients. :( I'm always looking for the products with least harmful ingredients.
    Thank you for reading. :)

  13. Thank you for reading, Fräulein. :) I'm glad you're enjoying the BB cream yourself and that you agree with my review!


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