Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Wishlist:Perfect Summer Dresses

Flowy fabric, dasies and sheer.This wishlist might seem a little late, especially because the A/W collections are slowly but steadily rolling into the stores, but since it has been raining quite a fair amount and the summery weather only returned recently, I am just in the right mood to share my favorite summer dresse picks with you! I'm absolutely in love with the little white dress this season as opposed to the LBD as it's so easy to throw on, especially at high temperatures. My only issue is that it does look a little better on bronzed skin - it just doesn't compliment my pale complexion all that well!

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. No. 6 is my most favorite of them all! I've seen lots of Korean actresses wearing such dress or top, so it has been on my wish list as well ^^



  2. Cute picks! The little white dress trend is so lovely, but yeah, I hate that white doesn't look too great on pale skin! haha I feel your pain!

    Miss Anna Rebecka

  3. Great wishlist, I'm going to be really biased and say I like number 2 just because I've just recently bought it myself ;) haha!


  4. I'm always seeing things from missguided I love but I've never actually ordered anything. Really like the things you've chosen too - dresses are my favourite in summer Gisforgingers xx

  5. These are sooo pretty!! Feel like I need to do some shopping now ! :)



  6. Really? What a coincidence! Is it a nice dress? I think it looks really cute online!

  7. I think I've only ever ordered one of their skirts but I love browsing their website for nice pieces!


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