Thursday, 7 August 2014

FOTD: 5 Product Face Challenge + New Hair!

A full made-up face with only five products? When I first heard about this challenge I thought it'd be super easy and totally not bothersome at all. Oh, how I was wrong. Fair enough, back when I didn't do my eyebrows it would have been substantially easier but since I managed to pluck holes into my thick, dark eyebrows I just can't go without my cheap, drugstore Essence eyebrow designer. Skipping concealer was a little unusual for me, too, which is why I went for a BB cream that is capable of covering my dark circles. 

I think that this is a look that I could wear pretty much every single day, especially to university. It's easy, effortless and barely took me 5 minutes to do. I only really used some BB cream, threw on a winged eyeliner (which you can't really see), some mascara and filled in my brows. The MAC lipstick enhances the look a lot, it almost looks as if I put some effort into it! I didn't edit these pictures in any single way besides cropping them so this is really just a 5 products face minus any filters.

Products used:
Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen
L'orĂ©al False Lash Extensions Mascara 
Essence Eyebrow Designer (blonde)
Holika Holika Petit BB Cram (Essential)
MAC Creme Cup

Creme Cup is by far my favorite lipstick, it's such a lovely light pink and so easy to throw on. It is also my first and only MAC lipstick so far, but I can't wait to add more of them to my collection. I especially have an eye on Russian Red and Shy Girl as I've heard that their mattes are amazing! 

 So, onto another topic that I thought didn't need an extra blogpost for, but as I'm writing this I'm starting to doubt my own assessment a little. Long story short, as you can tell, my platinum / bleach / white blonde hair is gone. I've only had this shade for a couple of weeks and I already decided to part with it for good. Why? Simpy because I would have completely destroyed my hair on a long term by touching up my roots every couple of weeks. I'm so picky about my roots and bleaching is so damaging! I just couldn't cope with brittle hair so I got a semi-permanent tint done. I got this color by mixing an ashy light blonde with a golden light blonde with brown hues and considering I had no idea what I let myself into and that it was somewhat of a gamble, I couldn't be happier! Now, my roots are disguised for good and I can let my natural hair grow out a little. I'm so glad that I got this close to my natural, ash blonde!

Maybe one day I can have natural, strong and healthy hair again after dyeing it for the past 6 years!

Have you ever attempted the 5 Product Face Challenge? What do you think about my new haircolor?

P.S.: I still have an outfit post in which I have my bleached blonde hair stored in my drafts. I didn't bleach it again I just didn't get around to post the outfit yet! 


  1. you are so beautiful! love the look and your hair looks great :)


  2. I'm still on the search for a quality BB cream with SPF. May try this one! :] // ☼

  3. I haven't tried a mac lipstick yet but you're convincing me to get creme cup! It might be my first one too ;) And btw love your new hair!

    Every Day In Grace

  4. I do have to warn you, though, MAC's creamsheen finish lipsticks aren't the most longlasting so I'd recommend a matte finish if you're not keen on refreshing it every 1-2 hours. :) x Thank you!

  5. Thanks, Jessica! I'm glad you like it. :) x

  6. The Petit BB's are great for trying out BB cream as they're super budget friendly and travel-sized. :) They also come in 5 different types, each tailored for a different skintype.

  7. Oh Thanks! I just want a moisturizing one, it doesn't have to be matte. Is there another line that's more moisturizing? Creamsheen sounds good to me, but I don't know much about them haha

  8. Gorgeous! I'd find it so difficult to do a full face with only 5 products.... I normally wear 5 different eyeshadows on my lid at the same time haha
    Loveee creme cup.. and I think I might pick up that Essence eyeliner pen.. I use their regular liquid liner religiously and want to venture out into the pen form! :) x

  9. I think my everyday face is less than five products haha. It used to be 3, foundation (liquid and powder) and eyeliner, I've increased to foundation (liquid and powder), primer and eyeliner! :) Still less that 5 for me.

    I do love a good challenge though, maybe I should go the opposite way and try a 10 product face ;)

    ~ K

  10. I think I will blog about this challenge next ^_^!

  11. Super pretty!! I'll have to try out that mascara next.. your lashes look so long!

  12. I used to be like that, too, but somehow my everyday make up became more and more complex! I think a 10-product face sounds really interesting! I might pick up that idea if you don't mind! I'm still trying to decide whether an eyeshadow palette counts as 1 product or if each eyeshadow counts on its own. :)

  13. Thank you, Crissy! I got that mascara ages ago (like, 2 years?) so I'm not sure whether it's still available or not but it's quite good. My lashes are naturally on the longer side, though, so it might not just be the mascara! x

  14. I really want to try this challenge! I can't decide if it's going to be really easy or really difficult though.
    Jodie xx


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