Thursday, 21 August 2014

FOTD: Casually Coral


Essence Superfine eyeliner
L'oreal False Lashes Telescopic Mascara


I was actually going to show you the whole look in an outfit post, but after the weather suddenly shifted and it became super windy outside, I settled for a face of the day instead. Truth be told, you're not missing out on much.
Albeit it has been more autumn-y than anything else in the past two weeks, I'm still into the coral tones and the more or less effortless make-up looks. Some blush alongside a vaguely matching liptint and you're good to go. I have to admit that my winged eyeliner wasn't completely even, but let's be honest, it never really is. Even after years of slapping it onto my lids on an almost daily basis, I just can't get it right. 

On another note: I really wish I wouldn't have to use flash for these kind of posts but my place just isn't designed for face photography. Natural lighting is nice but it's almost impossible to acheive with a halfway decent background. Ah, the struggles of a beauty blogger.


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog - 100% a new follower here! I can never get my winged eyeliner even too. Sometimes one side points so much higher than the other- gahh oh well I doubt people notice, haha!

  2. Goodness you're beautiful! (*^^*)

  3. You look gorgeous! This week has been windy and cold here as well but I admit I've been missing autumn since summer started :b

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

  4. You look gorgeous. Love the lippy

  5. You are beautiful! I love the colours you chose for make up, very natural :)

  6. I love your look! That lipstick is seriously gorgeous.

    Ivory Avenue

  7. Thank you so much for the follow, Emily! For me, it's usually one of the wings that ends up looking too bold. Or I mess up the angles. Winged eyeliner is just too hard! I agree, though, I doubt anyone would notice.

  8. Looking really natural and fresh

  9. Love this look Elina! You look absolutely gorgeous and I must say, to the girls who can get their eyeliner on super nice and straight and perfect... I don't think they're!

  10. I'm forever loving your natural/effortless makeup look <333 Coral shades really really really look great on you! They make your eyes pop too! I have the same problems with winged liners too. I wish beauty companies would make eyeliner stencils for the perfect wing some day, lol!

    Strawberry Bunny


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