Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New In: Black is the new Black

I'll be completely honest with you: Lately, I haven't felt like shopping for make-up at all (although MAC's Russian Red is vehemently demanding to be bought). However, the A/W collections have slowly started to arrive at more and more stores, meaning I just have to take a look whether I can find some bits and bobs or not. Now that I'm running low on hot and sunny days, a couple of new black pieces of clothing have found their way into my closet. I'm all about neutrals at the moment. It has been forever since I picked up some colorful clothes, but do I regret it? Not at all! I love my monochrome closet and I'm not planning to go back.

I know, this doesn't quite suit A/W that much but I'm sure it'd look super cute layered with a chunky knit and a pair of overknees. Besides, I'm sure there'll be some more sunny days for me to wear it. Right?

Pull&Bear Jumper - 10€ (Sale)
When I walked into Pull&Bear during a long overdue shopping trip with oneo of my best friends, I had no idea I wouldn't walk out empty handed as I had planned to. Mainly, because I hadn't been aware of the fact that the brand existed, but mostly because the A/W collection didn't really tickle my fancy at the first glance. Oh, I was so wrong. The pieces were lovely, albeit not what I expected from the store. I got this quilted jumper from the sale with the sole excuse that winter is coming up and that I threw out so many of my sweatshirts last month. I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of this one, the pattern is so lovely!

H&M Wool Hat - 14,99€
I've been hunting for a hat like this one since summer had started. Of course I find one now that it's almost over, right? Anyway, I love this hat. I think it suits me quite well and it's so versatile! This purchase didn't even find its way into a plastic shopping bag, I put it on right after paying for it (without the tags, of course). 

The only purchase I've left out is a black (surprise) leather mini skirt that I had to get shortened. It's currently sitting at the tailor but I'm probably going to feature it in a lot of my autumn outfit posts, so you're not missing out!

Have you already splurged on anything from the A/W shelves? Or are you still shopping the summer sale? x


  1. Loving the quilted jumper! I'm loving black clothing too! :)



  2. Der Hut ist richtig toll! :)
    Nein ich meinte schon Forever18, den Shop gibt es auch! :)

    Liebe Grüße,

    Verena von whoismocca.com

  3. Google hat mir grad auf die Sprünge geholfen! Man lernt wirklich nie aus. :) Danke für die Info, vielleicht schau' ich dort mal vorbei. Der Markenname ist meiner Meinung nach trotzdem leicht unglücklich gewählt.
    Danke fürs vorbei schauen, Verena! :)

  4. Man lernt nie aus gell :)
    Schönen Tag noch! :)

    Liebe Grüße,


  5. You look so good in black so I'm glad you bought a lot of new black stuff! :D Love the hat!


  6. adore that jumper!

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

  7. Hallo! :)
    Ich hab dich für den Liebster Award nominiert. Schau auf meinem Blog vorbei für mehr Details und Informationen http://leela-castleintheclouds.blogspot.co.at/2014/08/nominierung-liebster-award.html#more

    xoxo leela

  8. Your Brandy Melville dress is so pretty, and i just adore your H&M hat too x


  9. The hat and jumper are fab! Love it and yes I'm getting excited about A/W clothes just not the weather


  10. Absolutely love the dress! http://wordsbybduncan.blogspot.com

  11. great pieces!


  12. I like the selections you bought *o* Quilted patterns are pretty popular these days. When in doubt, go with neutrals. They never seem to go out of style and they're always on trend no matter what the season is ^.^ Can't wait to see an outfit post from you again! <3

    Strawberry Bunny


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