Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Outfit: Rock Chick

Jacket - H&M (old) | Top - Black Milk Clothing: The Bad Guy Top | Skirt - H&M (old) | Shoes - Deichmann | Accessories - H&M (necklace, rest: old)

In retrospect, this outfit might have been a little too extravagant for a simple shopping trip to Vienna but it was a lot of fun to wear, nevertheless! It was also a nice, little reminder that shopping with heels is certainly not the best idea. I could still feel my sore feet for two days after. However, it was all worth it for a great day in the city that commenced with a feast at Burger King.
I have to say that ever since I got my white faux leather jacket from H&M a good 2 years ago, I'm not so sure whether I still prefer the classical black one or different shades to mix it up. What do you think? I think white is really flattering!
By the time I took these pictures, my semi permanent tint had almost washed out completely. Only a subtle, more natural tint is left. I don't think the color difference is too bad. Updos make the natural regrowth look far less dramatic.


  1. gorgeous outfit! love that pop of bright purple <3

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  2. Elina, you look SO good in this outfit! I love love love it! And yum, Burger King... they have such good fries :D


  3. Such a gorgeous outfit and the purple looks great on you!!! :)

    Layla xx


  4. You look fabulous! There's no such as being over dressed. Xxx so what did you but from the mall? I'm nosy


  5. Thank you so much, Jessica! You have no idea how much your nice comments mean to me! I really apprechiate every single one of them. :) Burger King totally has the best fries!

  6. Thank you, Bunmi! Well, I didn't really get a lot, to be honest! Only the Brandy Melville Jada dress that I featured a couple of posts back! I'm a little behind on my outfit posts as I usually take them in advance. :)

  7. Totally loving the outfit, especially the top, it's ├╝ber pretty :D


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