Thursday, 14 August 2014

Top 3 Blogging Misconceptions

Lately, when I started participating in blogger Twitter chats a little more frequently, I ran into some misconceptions about blogging. It seems like especially newer bloggers feel a lot of pressure due to comparing themselves to bigger and more experienced bloggers. Many of us forget what blogging should really be about: Having fun while sharing your opinion with the world. Today, I want to share my top 3 blogging misconceptions that many of us probably have run into in the past.

1) Your follower count defines your blog's quality.
Especially when starting out, stats seem to be THE big thing. It's only natural to want more viewers and to aim for having a big readership, but it's simply not realistic to be well-known right away. It all takes time. Don't worry about your stats too much.

2) You need to work with brands in order to be a good blogger.
Don't feel pressured to work with brands or to accept any opportunity that is given to you. Don't feel bad if you don't receive collaboration requests right away. Furthermore, if you do get some and they either don't fit your blog's style, or you don't feel good about them, don't feel pressured to accept these chances just for the sake fo having worked with a brand. It won't do your blog any good.

3) You have to post daily.
You definitely shouldn't feel pressured to update your blog daily. I honestly admire those who manage to post daily without having the quality of their content suffer, but for some of us, it's simply not possible. It's much more beneficial for you and your blog to set up a realistic posting schedule that you can stick with.

Last, but not least: Have fun. Blogging is a great hobby and it should fulfill you instead of dragging you down.

Are you guilty of caring about your stats a little too much, too? x


  1. A great, motivational post- I started out blogging to none for a long time on wordpress as I just didn't get the hang of it, and then over time things just come together :) xxx

  2. Love this! Sometimes it's tough to remember all of this. :)

  3. Such a fab post and I agree with everything you said! There shouldn't be pressure to do anything when it comes to your blog. It's your space so enjoy it! xx

  4. Really enjoyed reading this post!
    Some really great points for a new blogger like me :) x

  5. Brilliant blog i completely agree, ive only been blogging for a month and im definitely guilty of wanting my blog out there in the world immediately. Im slowing realising i need to give it time!

  6. This is such a great post! Lots of newbie bloggers definitely focus way too much on follower count, participating in too many "follow me, I'll follow you back" type of deals... I hope all new bloggers realize a blog with 1000 followers doesn't make it better than the blog with only 100. Posting daily is such a challenge and I also admire those who do it, but no one should feel pressured to do so! I think when you start feeling like you "have" to blog, it becomes less fun which is definitely the most important thing to remember when blogging!! :)


  7. Love this post.
    So true stats really aren't everything. I know amazing blogs who just haven't been discovered yet

  8. Definitely agree with what you've said. i use to compare myself with the like of loved and well known bloggers but i don;t anymore. thank you for this great post

  9. This has totally made me feel a lot better.
    I've just started my blog and have felt quite pressurised about the quality of my blog and stats, so thanks for the advice!
    Ana xo

  10. Indeed those are some common misconceptions. I think as long as a blog is quality, said misconceptions are irrelevant. ^^

  11. I agree with all of these! Especially having to post daily - definitely don't have to! I post every other day and that is 100% enough for me!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  12. I do a daily post - but my blog is more of a diary with reviews, even then sometimes I find it hard. My stats are laughable - but I'm doing this for me, not for anyone else. A great post.

  13. This is really true, sometimes i do feel the pressure of posting daily but naaah, better next cause i dont want to update my blog in the name of updating because my contents will suffer.

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  14. Completely agree with all three, particularly posting daily and follower count. Many blog readers don't blog themselves or use bloglovin' etc so there's probably more readers than 'followers' out there than you think! :)

  15. Such good points and definitely things we all need to remember :) I've only recently got into a proper posting routine but it's helping loads so far! Posting daily is far too frequent for me but 3 times a week is a really comfortable amount to stick to :)

    emmerliejay x

  16. Love this post... I love taking part in blogger chats too. My blog has improved so much since I started getting involved.

  17. i actually had those times where i think all of these are a must to become a successful blogger. I think everyone who just starts blogging have this same thought where they think having lots of followers is a must! but then again, it all takes time :< I've just followed your blog, i definitely really like the way you write things and your photos are beautiful too!!


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