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5 Things I learnt from Blogging

Things I learned from Blogging
As my 1-year blogging anniversary is approaching with quick steps, I've been thinking back to how it all started. You know, when you start blogging, you hardly think about what you could probably doing wrong and, you know what, it's beautiful! You write about whatever comes to your mind and you value every single pageview you get. You don't worry about what your niche is or whether your image titles are SEO optimized. But as the time passes, everything becomes more serious and in some way elitist. Mind you, this is not one of those countless "Blogging Tips - The Guide to Success" posts. I thought I'd simply share some things about creating content that are not often talked about.

1) There is no "Guide to Success".
No matter how often you read through blogging tips and tricks to improve your pageviews or your Google Pagerank, there is no easy way to get famous over night. If there were one, no one would share it. Blogging is a fun hobby, but it's also hard work will take up hours of your spare time. Everyone starts out small, and if you see someone with a couple thousands of followers, they've been building their readership for years.

2) Shooting in RAW improves your pictures quality tremendously.
If you have the opportunity to do so, shooting pictures in RAW format is the way to go. You can correct faults in lighting or lens distortion easily that way, without any drawbacks in picture quality. If you don't have a camera that can shoot in RAW format, that's fine, too! Just take your time and make sure your pictures look the best possible.

3) Tape makes composing flatlays so much easier.
Have you ever tried lining up a couple of MAC lipsticks on a flat surface and taking a picture of them? Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Unless, of course, you use a small loop of clear tape to make them stay exactly where you want them to.

4) It's okay to be different.
We're all individuals. It's completely fine not to follow the mainstream. Just be yourself. That way, you won't run into the problem of not seeming genuine to your readers. Be confident in who you are.

5) There is no need to buy into all the newest trends.
Of course, it might seem tempting to be the first one to review the newest beauty release, but chances are you won't, even if you buy a product right after its release. Stick to what you are passionate about and don't try to follow trends that you are not comfortable with just for the sake of it. It's also a good idea to "shop your stash" and look for products that have been working for you on the long term.

I personally think that the best way to find out what works for you or not is to try out different approaches and see what works for you. Don't take other people's advices as written rules. That's as much advice as you're going to get from me, which is why I wanted to focus more on the practical approach of blogging, which might be helpful for more people out there than for the sheer statistics-focused elitary blog-optimisation way.

Is there something absolutely essential or a life-hack that you've learnt from blogging? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. For a lot of new bloggers who just recently got their hands on the blogging world, we always think that everything we read online about "How to make a Successful Blogging Career" will go exactly according to whatever was written in articles like those. In truth, though you can take those tips as bases or advices, they rarely do the trick into getting you to the top. Mainly because, well, only a few people are really meant to be at the top.

    Gone are the days when a blog is simply just an online diary where you don't care as much for how many page views you get in a day, or wish your blog would skyrocket to rockstardom in a few months, and that all you care about is if your close friends read what you wrote that night so you can talk about the issues you have or the stuff you're all interested in for the sake of sharing something to bond over (Lol, like LiveJournal, Multiply, and early Tumblr days). It's a sad reality, but I miss the way it was. People were a lot less greedy back then too. Nowadays, the blogging world is being too congested, and a lot of people are getting to be too greedy in wanting to be the next top blogger. So much so that ranking in a load of page views, getting sponsors, and being known as a top blogger doesn't seem as nice as it used to sound :(

    Happy Almost-1st Blogging Birthday to your Blog!! \o/ I totally agree with everything you said. Especially about that Tape thing, lol. :P Here's to many more blogging years and lessons to learn for you! <3

    Strawberry Bunny

  2. Happy blog birthday! You made excellent points.


  3. Love the first point... It's true there really isn't a guide to success... No one would share it either if they found it! :P

    Happy almost blogiversary...that's so exciting!!


  4. I agree with all these points :')
    Congrats on almost a year (we have the same phone!)

  5. What a good tip..... tape! I'm so trying that from now on.


  6. You are right all bloggers are different. I love your sticky tape trick for taking pictures of lipsticks!

  7. Great post! I never used tape but tried it with a very calm hand, haha. What I learned from blogging: Never mind the strange look of other people while you're shooting an outfit outside ;-)

    Miss Annie
    // Facebook
    // Bloglovin

  8. Thank you so much for your honest thoughts, Sephie! I honestly feel the same in many ways, especially after yesterday's #fblchat on Twitter, which was all about sponsorship and PR. People are getting so greedy, it's somewhat disappointing. My blog is almost like a child for me, I'd never sell it out for success! Of course, a big readership as well as feedback is something wonderful, but if that'd mean that the quality or the credibility of my content would suffer, I'd thankfully decline!

    Thank you! I'll do a proper throwback-anniversary post on the day itself. :) I honestly can't wait! It's almost as if it was my own birthday!

  9. Thank you so much, Jemma! We do? That's so cool! Sadly, mine is acting up a little, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep it. :(

  10. Believe me, I tried the steady hand approach as well, but after almost an hour of trying to make some lipsticks stay in place I just lost my patience, haha! Your blogging tip is great! That's totally something every fashion blogger should learn to live with at some point!

  11. Love your blog, just followed you! Would love if you checked out mine sometime xx


  12. Great points
    I just started my blog about 2 weeks ago. At first I didn't want to because I know there are so many similar blogs out there that are vying for views and everything. But I realized having extra information (skincare reviews) will help people. Its not a competition, its information dissemination. Besides, everyone has their own skincare needs and maybe mine match someone else's who can benefit from the products I find and try.

    Photos are a hue issue for me. I just don't really have the time or patience to sit there snapping away on my actual camera, uploading, and then fixing them. Ugh, and I know pictures are what captures and hold interest. So bad.

    Tape probably works better, but I use small rolled up pieces of paper. Super fast and easy.

  13. Great tips! Even for someone like me who isn't trying to make a career, just more of a hobby to stop me from bugging my boyfriend all the time >^..^< heh!
    Also, saw in your above post that you needed some votes, so you officially have one more! Best of luck!
    XO Amanda

  14. That's totally true! As long as you can distinguish yourself from the others, there'll always be some people who can relate to your blog more than to others.
    I think your pictures are fine! They're far better than mine when I started!

  15. I've actually been bugging my boyfriend more since I started blogging because he takes my outfit photos for me, haha!
    Thank you so much for your vote! :) x


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