Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Beauty: Sample Spotlight #2

I've lately gone through my sample stash and tried out a couple more samples to share my opinion about. Funnily enough, only now I realized that two of the above shown satchets, the Tonymoly lotions, are actually from the same skincare line as my daily moisturizer, which I've reviewed here.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream (Bright Fit) N02 Light Beige - 60g for 27,45$
I've used this BB cream in my recent One Brand Face Make Up Challenge blogpost, so if you want to check out how it looks like on, you can go over there and have a look. I already tried the exact same BB cream in Cotton Fit a while ago and wasn't too impressed. Mainly since it wasn't a good fit for my skin. N02 seems to be light but cool toned and it gets a little darker as it sets, which makes it a bad match for my cool-toned skin. This might not seem like it in the pictures from my previous post, but keep in mind that I used flash in those. I do think, that the warmer toned shades of this BB cream would be a better fit for me. The finish is on the dewy side and it smells like flowers or soap.

Tonymoly I'm Real Lotions
As opposed to the rich cream from the I'm Real skincare line, the lotions are much more runny and feel a lot lighter on the skin. However, they're both moisturizing enough to be used instead of a moisturizer. The whole skincare line is free of Parabenes, talc, benzyl alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and other harsh substances, that might trigger breakouts.

Tonymoly I'm Real Aloe Soothing Lotion - 200ml for 9,26$
The soothing lotion has a cooling effect on the skin and has a herbal scent with a hint of cucumber added to it. It's very runny and absorbs quickly. Some of the main ingredients are Aloe Vera extract and Argan oil. I think this would be really good for skin that needs very gentle products.

Tonymoly I'm Real Seaweed Aqua Moisture Lotion - 200ml for 9,26$
A very light and super moisturizing lotion with a fresh smell. It absorbs even quicker than the soothing lotion. The main ingredients in this lotion are sea water, Seaweed extract and Argan oil. This would be great for very dry skin or if your skin needs a little extra moisture during the colder months.

If there is anything else you'd like to know about these products, I'll do my best to answer your questions in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for the very informative review of each product! Might I add, that I love your way of photography!! :) I need to find out if the UK Will stock that Tonymoly Moisture Lotion :-)




  2. Thank you, Mango! I prefer lighter moisturizers, too, especially during summer. I'm already participating in the giveaway, thank you so much for organizing it!

  3. I love getting samples! I'm always shopping for new moisturizers, my skin is so dry!

  4. I want to try out those lotions. I'll love anything without the bad ingredients! I wish I could smell the seaweed one haha

  5. The Cotton Fit is my new favorite BB creme. My skin is acne prone and senstitive, so the formula is really great for me (though the darkest shade is actually too dark for me- who'd have thought! A Korean brand would make a shade too dark for "white-skinned" people)

    I definitely want to check out these Tony Molys. Hopefully I can replace my innisfree lotion which I really am not loving...

    Thanks for the reviews!


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