Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Outfit: The Bargain

Zara cardigan | Forever 21 leggings, rings | H&M top, bag, shoes, skull ring | eBay scarf

Oh boy, this cardigan. The moment I saw a picture of this olive beauty on Zara's facebook page I knew I had to have it. After minutes of frantically searching every single section of the webpage (yes, even the menswear), I realized that it had sold out already, one day after its release. I was devastated. I even considered paying horrendous sums on eBay for this piece, until I had the brainwave of calling the closest Zara store and ask whether they had it. You see, I absolutely despise phoning people and for a brief moment, spending 20€ more on a 16€ cardigan seemed nicer than just calling the shop. I am one of those people. Luckily, they still had heaps of this cardigan in stock and even laid one aside for me! I was so happy when I held it in my hands! Long story short, I'm really glad that I managed to pick up such a comfortable bargain that'll surely become one of my most-worn pieces this season!
Side note: It also reminds me of something a LotR character would wear. But that totally didn't make me want it 10 times more, I swear.

I usually don't wear my glasses when taking pictures of an outfit, but I think that they really compliment the look this time. What do you think? The scarf I'm wearing was a total bargain, I got it last winter from eBay for a couple of dollars and it has been a life-saver. It's not the only colour I have and I'm considering to get even more! The leggings were 3€ from Forever 21 and I am so glad that I picked them up despite the low price tag because I've been living in them ever since I got them. They're so comfortable and don't feel cheap at all!

What is your favourite piece to wear this autumn?

P.S:The lighting in the full-body shots is a little bright this time, sorry about that! I must have messed up the camera settings without noticing it and tried to save it as best as I could.


  1. That cardigan is amazing, I can definitely see Frodo wearing it :D I'm glad your Zara store had them in stock!! :)

    My fave pieces to wear this autumn are definitely scarves and tights! :)


  2. the cardi looks great, so simple and chic! and yeah I get sad too when it's sold out right away, glad you got it in the end!!

  3. Your outfit is too cute! I think sweaters are definitely my favorite pieces to wear in Autumn <3 Lovely post!

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

    ~I follow back on GFC if you follow me <3~

  4. Gorgeous snuggly cardie, great a/w outfit


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