Thursday, 11 September 2014

Outfit: Different Shades of Black

Dress - Brandy Melville Jada Dress | Shoes - H&M (old) | Hat - H&M | Necklace - Shop Dixi

Going through these pictures reminds me of the last, really hot day that we've had this summer. My lovely boyfriend found this gorgeous shooting location which took me some time to get to in those shoes, but it was totally worth it. The stones were reflecting so much sunlight that I had a really hard time keeping my eyes open, thus pulling some hilarious faces and having to delete various "closed-eyes"-pictures. What I also noticed way afterwards was that I probably screwed up the camera settings a little, so god bless Photoshop for salvaging tons of overexposed shots.
Anyway, onto the outfit. I've really been loving the dress, it's super comfortable to wear and looks great on its own but even greater with a chunky sweater thrown over it. The shoes are something I regret not wearing more often this summer. I used to wear them all the time last year, but this year I somehow forgot about them.
On the one hand, it saddens me to see summer go ever so slowly, but on the other hand I can't wait to wear chunky knits again and drink loads and loads of hot chocolate! What about you?


  1. wow this is such a gorgeous look! love how the necklace and hat really top it off. and I know what you mean about all the sunlight haha there have been entire photosets where my eyes were in squint mode. and yes a 50mm lens is a great investment indeed! :)

  2. You look gorgeous! Very pretty background too, your boyfriend is an excellent photographer :) I'm excited for summer to be over because I can't wait to start wearing sweaters, long sleeve shirts and scarves again :D


  3. I hate that about intense sunshine, nothing worse than finding an amazing photo of yourself only to find you are squinting or have your eyes shut haha!

    These are some seriously lovely shots though, such a versatile dress & it really suits you ^^

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  4. love the hat and the dress :D
    ur make up suits ur outfit. pretty

  5. black is such a staple and this outfit looks so comfy and stylish at the same time :)

  6. Ooh what a pretty location for pictures! You look so stylish and beautiful. :3

  7. Cute outfit :) Love the necklace

  8. I really like your hat! I don't think I'm daring enough to wear one though :')

  9. Love this outfit, the hat suits you so well! :) x

  10. Love your outfit, the hat and necklace are gorgeous!!

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