Thursday, 18 September 2014

Outfit: The Skull Dress

Primark dress, earrings | H&M shoes, glasses, ring | Forever 21 bag, necklace

Ah, my lovely Primark bodycon with the black and white skulls and roses on it. I've had this beauty sitting in my closet for the past year (and a half?) without wearing it out because I just wasn't given the right opportunity to wear it. So, what does a blogger do in that case? Right, she wears it out for a walk and mini shopping trip around the town. Well, the main reason for getting into this bodycon was to take pictures of it, I'm not gonna lie. It was quite the odyssey to find a decent location for taking these snaps, mind you! First, we had a grafitti background in mind but that wasn't working out. Then, we headed towards a beautiful fountain only to remember that they usually turn it off at the end of summer. 
We ended up choosing this spot right across of a cafe so people were staring like they always did. Some bikers even waved at me.  When I'm thinking back, this would have freaked me out completely a couple of months ago.
Looking at these pictures makes me realize how long my hair actually was before I had it cut a little and switched from a blunt hemline to layers. It also makes me realize how little sunny days we still have left before autumn commences. I don't want to jinx it, but I do think that this will be one of this year's last summer-oriented outfits.


  1. I hate when people stare... makes me feel so uncomfortable. You look gorgeous in these pics! That dress looks really good on you :)


  2. That is the perfect reason to take pictures! You look super gorgeous in it! And those shoes 😍 😍 😍

  3. Really love this dress and also think you chose the perfect accessories for it!

    Much love xxx


  4. This dress is so awesome, I love it! and pffft to other people, just remember they are either jealous or annoyed that they don't have such confidence!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary // Fall Sweater Giveaway

  5. you look absolutely lovely! the dress really suits you and you have a lovely smile!



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