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Review: Syoss Supreme Selection Restore Haircare Line

Syoss Supreme Selection Restore Haircare Line

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When I saw the (almost) complete Syoss Supreme Selection Restore Haircare Line wrapped up in a sleek gift wrapping and a ridiculously low price tag, I almost jumped of joy! The whole set currently retails for only 9,99€ at BIPA if you have a loyalty card, which is a complete bargain as the leave-in spray costs that much on its own already. I might need to go back and stock up on this offer as long as it's still available!

Before I jump into each individual product, let me just tell you what this whole haircare line is all about. Syoss' Restore line claims to "repair" split ends and porous hair. (read: patch it up with loads of sillicones) The products are aimed at extremely damaged hair.

Syoss Supreme Selection Restore Shampoo - 250ml for 5,99€
This is described by syoss as a very mild shampoo, but I'd hardly agree to that claim as it contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a rather harsh Sulfate. However, my scalp does not have any problems with SLS so it works just fine. It also contains water soluble silicones (Dimethicone).
The first thing you notice when using this shampoo is its very strong scent that reminds me a lot of alcohol and pears. However, that scent doesn't stick around for very long, it's usually gone by the time my hair has dried. It looks very glossy and golden and doesn't foam quite as well as I'd like it to. After a couple of usages, my hair felt distinctly softer.

Syoss Supreme Selection Restore Conditioner - 250ml for 5,99€
You might remember this product from my last hair essentials post in which I said that I absolutely loved this conditioner. Well, nothing has really changed. My hair has only been getting better since I've started using it and I'm super glad that I now have a refill for when I run out.
The conditioner aims at making your hair manageable and at increasing its combability. To acheive this effect, it contains water-soluble and non-water-soluble silicones. The conditioner smells much better than the shampoo and has a slightly off-white coloration. I notice the difference between this conditioner when rinsing it out. The hair gets so much softer and it would even be possible to brush it while it's wet, although I don't recommend doing so.

Syoss Supreme Selection 10 in 1 Essential Wonder Leave In Spray - 100ml for 9,99€
The leave-in spray is definitely the highlight from this haircare line. It has 10 claims (repairs, sleekness, shine, combability, no split ends-effect, power, no frizz- effect, heat protection*, vitality, moisture-balance) and lives up to 8 of them. It does not mend your split ends and it does not repair your hair. That's impossible. However, it does live up to its other claims, which is quite impressive, to be honest! My expectations of this product were rather low, but it convinced me thoroughly after the first use. It's a protein treatment that you apply to your towel-dry hair. The smell is somewhat sweet but really good! The clear bottle shows you exactly how much you have left, which I think is really handy.
*for hairdryers only. There is another product from this line that provides complete heat protection for all your heat-styling needs.

Verdict: I really enjoy the products in this haircare line! The shampoo definitely works better if used in conjunction with the other products, but I do think that the leave-in and the conditioner would also shine on their own.

5 / 5

Note: The product claims to restore hair cells and mend split ends. That is not possible. The verdict was drawn from personal experience and while keeping in mind that hair can not be repaired in any way. Please keep that in mind!

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  1. Die Linie von Syoss kenne ich nicht. Allerdings muss ich sagen, dass ich mal ein anderes Shampoo und eine Spülung von Syoss hatte und mit beidem überhaupt nicht zufrieden war :-/ ... - Ganz liebe Grüße aus Wien,


  2. I don't believe if a shampoo & conditioner could repair split ends as well. Thanks for the review!


  3. I'm also in the camp of not believing that a creme can restore/save my hair. The only way to keep split ends under check and keep hair healthy is cutting/trimming it regularly and such. I like that the one product has heat protection against hair dryers though, that's really nice!

  4. Great review!


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