Sunday, 7 September 2014

Wishlist: A/W Picks #1

I haven't done a wishlist on my blog for quite a while, haven't I? Lately, I've been using Pinterest for managing my wishlist so this is only a small selection of products that I've been wanting to get or that I'm waiting to get later this year. 
One of my main must-haves for the A/W season is a big, light colored, fluffy coat. I've been looking for a nice one everywhere and I haven't found the right one yet, so this picture from Urban Outfitters is merely a placeholder. I have to admit that Topshop's Cara Delevingne collection coat has charmed me a lot, but it's real fur and far too expensive. (800€? Really, Topshop?) 
I've been loving the camisole top trend ever since it arose in summer and I just can't stop adding more and more camis to my wishlist. I only have one so far and I desperately need more. This silver one from Topshop is just one of many. As I'm going to university next month, a nice, big bag would be very handy to me. This one from H&M is real leather and so spacious! 
Marc Jacobs' Daisy Dream. Need I say more? It's exactly my scent, which is why I'm saving up for the full sized bottle. The Shop Dixi bag is basically just another placeholder saying: "I absolutely want everything from this website, no exceptions." As I've been experimenting with eyeshadows more frequently in the last months, I'm now looking for a nice palette with nice neutrals and a hint of color. A Naked palette is not really tempting, however, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar absolutely is. 
Last but not least, two cardigans. The first one is from Urban Outfitters and it really shows that my wardrobe is seriously lacking some basics. A black cardi is only one of them. The second one with the faux-fur trim is from Nasty Gal and I've been eyeing it for a while now even though I'm super unsure whether it'd suit me or not. I really love how dreamy it looks, though!
That concludes my first A/W wishlist and I'm certain it won't be my last.

Are there any items you're dying to get during this season? 


  1. I'm dying to get the Daisy Dream as well! Hope you can get all the wishlists!


  2. OMG! I LOVE THAT JACKET! lovely wish list luv

  3. Das Top und die schwarze Tasche von H&M gefallen mir total gut :) Und den Duft von Marc Jacobs hätt ich natürlich auch wahnsinnig gerne...

    xox ♥ Carina

  4. I like the coat and the cardigans! Great picks :)



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