Sunday, 5 October 2014

Beauty: Essie Smokin Hot

essie smokin hot

By now, you all will probably have guessed that I'm not big on nail varnish. One of the reasons are my ridiculously small nail beds, which makes painting them one of the most annoying chores ever. Most brushes are just too wide to use common nail-painting techniques, which means I'm stuck with improvising. However, every once in a while, I enjoy some colour on my nails as well. 

During autumn, I usually opt for dark greys, greens or burgundys. Essie's 75 Smokin Hot is a gorgeous, slightly purplish grey. The colour is super versatile and goes with almost anything you could possibly wear as it won't clash with other colours, which makes it a really safe pick. 

essie smokin hot swatch

The formula is watery but rich in colour and only requires two coats. Essie's brushes are smaller than the average nail varnish brush, which makes it easier for me to apply the varnish.

I'm not one to review nail varnishes as I'm not well-versed in that area, but I wanted to share this gorgeous autumn shade with you nevertheless.

What is your favourite nail varnish for autumn? Or do you prefer to go bare-nailed?


  1. I LOVE this color! Great for autumn... Or whenever because the color is just so nice :D


  2. This is such a great shade - super into Essie polishes at the moment and have it on my nails right now! It's a great mix between taupe/grey/purple and goes with so much :)

  3. Great colour for Autumn! Had mine painted in a similar tone today.


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