Thursday, 9 October 2014

Outfit: Cherry Blossoms in Autumn

Black Milk Clothing dress | eBay cardigan, scarf | Primark bag | H&M boots

Let me just take a moment to express how beautiful this background is and how long it took me to realize that I could actually take pictures in this place. My boyfriend and I were headed to a completely different shooting location that day, which you might remember from a previous outfit post, when he asked me if I had ever thought of taking pictures right at the Town Hall Square. I got to admit that the thought had went through my mind previously, but I never thought I'd be brave enough to execute the idea until now. The afternoon lighting was perfect and I just love how these pictures turned out, even though my expression is far from natural in most shots, to say the least. It was a really exciting experience and the passersby did not even pay as much attention to me as I thought they would. 
I'm currently enjoying deep red lips a lot! It's not exactly the typical autumn-trend, as most bloggers prefer to go for a berry-toned lip instead, but my love for MAC's Russian Red is just too big not to pop it on single time I get the chance to!

What are your favourite autumn lip shades? Are you enjoying big, chunky knits just as much as I am?


  1. I love the location and your outfit, you look great! Dark red lips look really good on you! :)


  2. i love your outfit and the red lipstick compliments you beautifully

  3. Love your dress. very cute. xx

  4. I absolutely love the location too, it's stunning! You look absolutely gorgeous, and loving Russian Red on you as well :)
    I'm back to the west coast for college and it's always so cold here, so I'm taking full advantage of cosy knit jumpers and big scarves! x

  5. Lovely outfit and photographs! I love love red lipstick and Russian red loks amazing on you!
    I'm following your blog x x x

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!! I love this outfit and the cherry blossoms ^___^

    恵美より ♥

  7. What a cute outfit! Love the dress and I adore wearing chunky, oversized knits too

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  8. Very beautiful outfit! I am totally into floral prints :))

  9. Love your scarf and bag! So lovely!


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