Thursday, 30 October 2014

Outfit: Pale Neutrals

H&M jacket (old) & boots | Fashionsuzy t-shirt (old) | Zara jeans (old) | Urban Outfitters necklace (old)  | Primark bag | Forever21 bracelets (old)

The pictures above are reminiscent of the sunny autumn days that are long gone by now. Over are the days of not having to wear scarves and thick socks. It's time for lined parkas and beanies. Not that I'd complain, it makes it so much easier to choose a decent outfit for university as hardly anyone is going to get a glimpse of the layers below anyway. Yeah, I'm a convenient dresser when the outfit I'm wearing is not meant to be uploaded on here.
My wardrobe is has been going through a hefty chance in the last couple of months. I've been dropping most colours for a more wearable wardrobe. I'd call it a bad attempt at composing a capsule wardrobe, but still has a long way to go before I'd even remotely title it a minimalistic collection of garments. 
I hope you're enjoying the rest of October and have a nice Halloween! 


  1. Great outfit! I just wore jeans and a sweatshirt when I was in college. :P hope you have a nice Halloween... I know you're working Saturday but hopefully you will still be eating some Halloween candy :D


  2. hi doll!
    you look so amazing!

    those colors was created for you!

    amazing stylish taste!

    so let me know if we can follow each other for keep in touch :)

    I always follow back :)

    have a great day :*

  3. I've seen so many people at university who put a lot of thought into their outfits but I really don't get it! I mean, I'm going there to study and not to win a fashion contest so I really just want to be comfy, haha! I actually had a great Halloween nevertheless! I went playing billards with my boyfriend and his cousin in the afternoon and then we had dinner together, which was really nice. Plus, I wasn't a total wreck at work the next day like my colleagues. :P

  4. Awesome outfit, I love your style! I have a lot of neutrals in my wardrobe too, I feel like I been straying away from really bright colors in my day to day life as well.


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