Saturday, 29 November 2014

November Favourites

November Favourites Innisfree Garnier Tattoo Choker Vintage Forever21

Is there a better way to round up a month other than showing you a bunch of stuff that I've been loving during it? I don't think so! Well, I'm not gonna lie, this post originated somewhat spontaneously as I realized only an hour ago how I had already planned through the beginning of December and that I really needed to fit in my monthly favourites somehow.
I've also been thinking about whether or not it would be a good idea to do this as a series of YouTube videos as there are some things (mainly clothes) that are hard to show you in a blogpost. Anyway, here is what I've been loving this month!

Garnier Micellar Cleanser
I'm super late to jump on the Micellar Water cleanser hypetrain, but I just had to feature this as it's great for taking off my eye make up without making my lids super dry and flaky.

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Cream
I'm still testing this moisturizer but the first impression was so great I just had to feature it here. A full review on this cream will be up soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Tattoo Choker
I still remember how I always wanted one of these as a child, growing up in the 90's, but I never got one, save the one with a giant spider on it at Halloween. When they got back in trend, I was kinda put off by the price, I mean, really, Claires? 5€? Which is why I was super stoked to find them on eBay for only 80cents a piece!

Vintage Necklace
I got this piece from my mother ages ago but I've only really been wearing it now. It likes to turn around to the wrong side when worn but other than that it's an absolutely lovely and unique vintage piece.

Forever 21 Bag
I needed a new bag for university, so when I saw this one online at Forever 21, I knew I had to have it. The gold detailing is really pretty but not too over the top so it's also fine to wear silver jewelry with it. I actually wanted to link it to you but it seems like it has sold out already.

November Favourites Innisfree Garnier Tattoo Choker Vintage Forever21
Now, onto some less beauty and fashion focused favourites, here are some other snippets of things I've been loving in November

Alex Centomo @ YouTube / Instagram
I finally found the girl whose outfit snaps are scattered all over my Pinterest boards and she quickly became one of my favourite Youtubers. I totally binged on her videos and watched a year worth in a week. Well, what can I say? Alex is super lovely and I'd recommend to all of you to check her out! 

Quote: "Art to me is a question mark. I don't think it should ever be an answer."
Can you guess who said that? It's a quote by Marilyn Manson and I've been thinking about it a lot in the last weeks. His music may not be for everyone but his lyrics and his views on the world are certainly worth looking into. 

Well, that's a long list and it kind of lacks in beauty products if you ask me! Anyway, please let me know what you think of my thought of doing my favourites as videos instead of posts, I'd love to know your opinion! 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Outfit: A Pop of Mint

popofcolour3 popofcolour5
Forever 21 biker jacket | Mango black turtleneck top | Yesstyle mint a-line skirt |  H&M plateau boots & ring | Shop Dixi crusader collar necklace

You'll never guess how much of a bargain this biker jacket was! For a moment, I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I picked it up from the rack and the price tag was a mere 17€. Such a good buy! 
Fun fact: This was probably one of the quickest shoots ever. My boyfriend and I we were heading towards the location, a bunch of dark clouds started to draw closer so we really had to hurry up and get the pictures done. It started raining the moment we got back home. Lucky! Also, I really love the background in these pictures! It's close, there's hardly and people on Sundays and the floor looks nice, too. 
I'm also wondering how long I can neglect the chilly temperatures and get away with not wearing any tights under my overknees. Probably not for much longer. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas Gifts: For Her

gifting guide christmas gifts stocking stuffers fillers yankee candle shop dixi urban outfitters

It's only the middle (end) of November but slowly, everything is starting to get more and more festive in preparation of Christmas. I can't deny that I haven't thought about getting my Christmas purchases out of the way as soon as possible so I won't have to bear with the last-minute shoppers, so I thought that I'd present you my top christmas present picks for your significant other, your bestie or anyone else you'd like to give a present to. 
The first post I'm dedicating to christmas gifting is a generic guide for getting the right present for a female friend. Initially, I thought that it would be fairly easy to get a nice trinket for a female but since my boyfriend has been asking me what I'd like so many times, I guess it's not. Haha! 
My first advice would be to know the person you're getting something for very well. It's usually fairly easy to come up with something suitable as long as you're familiar with someone's personal style, interests and hobbies. 

A no-brainer. Well, as long as you know what the person you're bestowing likes to wear. Don't go for something that you might like - unless you're super similar - but pay attention to what she is usually wearing and look for something that would go along with it. 

Make-Up & Skincare bits
This is where it gets a little hairy if you don't know her skin type or foundation shade. An easy way around that problem is to keep an eye open for any hints. Has she been mentioning a certain high-end product she'd love to give a go more than once? 
If you're not too sure what to get, nail varnish is a good option! Plus, there are countless of great value beauty gift sets on the market right now. You can find them at Ulta, SpaceNK, Sephora or even at your local drugstore. Get your hands on them while they're still around! Another safe pick are bath goodies from Lush or The Body Shop. I mean, who doesn't love a nice, relaxing bath? 

Sunglasses, Hats, Bags, Shoes... the possibilities are endless and I guarantee that you'll find something for every taste. I would advise you not to go for something super-festive but rather to gift something that can be worn all-year-round and that is not restricted to November and December. 

The same rules as above apply. A christmas-themed sweater might seem like a good idea, but trust me, it's not. If you're going this route it's super important to know her size. Getting an ill-fitting piece of clothing would be unfortunate. But it could happen, nevertheless, so please make sure to keep the receipt, just in case! Note: Couples might even consider a nice set of lingerie, which is definitely a viable option. 

Candles & Other Interior bits
Everybody loves candles! Err, not exactly, but they're a decent option if you're out of options! Yankee candles are probably my favourites, but you could also go for Diptique if it should be a little more luxurious. Interior decorations with a purpose, like for example a jewelry holder, are also great and show that you put some thought in your present instead of rushing around stores for various different gift cards.

Gimmicks & Gadgets
Maybe you fancy something a little laid back? A disposable camera would certainly be a lot of fun to capture the upcoming New Years party with, don't you think? These small bits could also easily be stocking stuffers.

I hope I could make your gifting decisions a little easier! I'm going to follow up with a guide "for him" next monday! Stay tuned! 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Review: Klairs Hasuo Healthy Shampoo Soap

dear klairs Hasuo Healthy Shampoo Soap Hair Natural Shampoo Bar Korean

I won the Hasuo Healthy Shampoo Soap by the Korean brand Klairs in a giveaway a while back and was super excited to give it a go as it's a 100% natural hair product without silicones or other nasty chemicals that you don't necessarily want on your hair. It is very rich in laurel tree oil and targeted at a younger audience who are looking into non-silicone hair products or people who are fighting hair loss or dandruff. One bar has 100g after drying, The paper wrapping comes without an English ingredients list and the smell is something to get used to. So far, so good.

First impression: Oh my god. My scalp felt so greasy while I was still in the shower! It felt absolutely terrible so I decided to use a bit of my usual shampoo to fight the weird feeling. After reading up on shampoo bars, I found out that this was perfectly normal and that you need to give your hair a week or two to get used to the shampoo bar.
However, my take on the whole getting-used-to-a-product kind of procedure is that you shouldn't fix something that ain't broken. I wouldn't go through weeks of weird feeling hair just to see whether a product I'm sceptic of actually works or not. Besides, my hair has been heavily chemically treated in the past and needs silicones to shine.

What did strike me, though, was how waxy my hair felt even though I washed it with my regular shampoo after using the hair soap. The Klairs Shampoo Soap is very rich in oils, which obviously doesn't mix very well with my thin hair.

After clarifying, it definitely felt a lot better but the settling in period is still nothing I'd fancy going through.

Final Thoughts: I definitely think that this hair soap could be a good product but it's just not the right one for my hair type. I'd say it's targeted at thick hair, which isn't very surprising for an Asian product. To have a better experience than I had, make sure to clarify your hair with a apple cider vinegar rinse before you use it to get rid of any buildup your previous shampoo may have caused. Lather it up in your hands, don't directly drag it across your scalp.

What is your take on shampoo bars? Do you use them or do you prefer liquid shampoo?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Outfit: We're quite A Sassy Nation

assassination2 assassination5 assassination10 assassination8 assassination1 assassination4

EMP Hoodie borrowed from my boyfriend | Black Milk A-Sassy-Nation bodysuit | Fashionsuzy shorts | Urban Outfitters necklace | H&M shoes & rings | Primark earrings

My boyfriend's hoodie has definitely become one of my favourites in the colder months. I've been borrowing it quite a lot, much to his discontent, haha! I'm really channeling my inner 90's grunge girl with this look and I gotta say that I'm quite content with how it turned out. However, it's not really something I'd wear on a day-to-day basis. I'm more of a casual / boho look kind of girl, I guess. Switch the super flashy bodysuit with a fitted tee and I'm good to go! Plus, the center part just won't stay no matter how often I swipe my bangs to the side.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Beauty: Sample Spotlight #3


It feels like I haven'd done one of these mini reviews in ages! Well, truth is, I haven't been very open for experiments lately, especially not in the skincare and haircare department, as the season change likes to be a little problematic. However, I did get the chance to use up some of my samples during a recent weekend trip. Here are my little reviews of Tonymoly's I'm Real Tea Tree Sebum & Pore Lotion, Calvin Klein's Euphoria Gold and Petritsch's Natur Pur Haarpflege.

Tonymoly I'm Real Tea Tree Sebum & Pore Lotion - 8.60$ for 200ml
This natural emulsion is very thin, runny and smells heavily of tea tree oil. It is supposed to be used before your moisturizer and is not very moisturizing on its own. It did absorb rather quickly but there weren't any visible effects immediately after using this sample.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Gold - 30ml for 55$
A very sensual and seductive scent that I find perfect for the colder months. It's a limited edition fragrance with apricot, kumquat, tangerine, honey, gardenia, daffodil, white patchouli, sandalwood and musks. I already mentioned this in my October Favourites as I've been wearing it quite a lot last month! It's definitely a very nice scent.

Petritsch Natur Pur Haapflege - 22.50$ for 200ml
A product that you probably won't be able to get outside of Austria except maybe off Amazon but I wanted to feature it anyway. Petritsch's hair care is immaculate and this conditioner is probably my favourite out of the ones I've tried so far. It leaves my hair super shiny and manageable and the best is that it's certified natural cosmetics! I'm definitely contemplating to get a full size once I run out of samples!

Are there any products you've tried out recently that you absolutely loved or didn't like at all? 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Outfit: Red Lips in Brooklyn

Red lips in Brooklyn Miss Blue Eyes Black Milk Purple Galaxy Skirt Pull&Bear
Red lips in Brooklyn Miss Blue Eyes Black Milk Purple Galaxy Skirt Pull&Bear
Red lips in Brooklyn Miss Blue Eyes Black Milk Purple Galaxy Skirt Pull&Bear Red lips in Brooklyn Miss Blue Eyes Black Milk Purple Galaxy Skirt Pull&Bear
Red lips in Brooklyn Miss Blue Eyes Black Milk Purple Galaxy Skirt Pull&Bear
Red lips in Brooklyn Miss Blue Eyes Black Milk Purple Galaxy Skirt Pull&Bear
Red lips in Brooklyn Miss Blue Eyes Black Milk Purple Galaxy Skirt Pull&Bear
Red lips in Brooklyn Miss Blue Eyes Black Milk Purple Galaxy Skirt Pull&Bear

Pull&Bear sweatshirt | Black Milk Clothing skirt | Primark shoes & tights | Alcott beanie | Parfois bracelet*

Does the booble hat make up for the title? I hope so. I mean, this look would certainly have more impact if it had been shot in the streets of Brooklyn but what can you do. I've fallen head over heels with streetstyle, grunge and, to some extend, nu goth. Colourful clothes, casual- or  all-white looks, just like my last outfits, were never really my forte. Muted colours and dark gear gives me comfort. That's one more reason for me to love autumn and winter - it's not only perfectly acceptable to wear all black but you also won't melt when you step outside an air conditioned place. Yet, I still need that little extra pop of colour or detail that makes my look stand out. You feel me? I'm still looking for my personal style and I'm experimenting a lot nowadays, especially since I finally feel confident enough to wear the garments I love. 
Also, is it just me or do patterned tights just never sit quite right?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Beauty: A Dupe for the Original Beauty Blender?

Beauty Blender Dupe Ebelin Präzisions Make Up Ei
It's pink, it's egg-shaped and I got so excited about it that I used it before taking proper pictures for the blog. Although I do preach that high quality tools are worth it, I just can't justify buying a make-up sponge for 20 dollars, which is why I've been on the constant lookout for a cheaper alternative. Now, it seems like I've been lucky. The ebelin Professional Präzisions Make Up Ei is available in Germany and Austria, costs about 4€ and does a pretty damn good job at applying products.

Beauty Blender Dupe Ebelin Präzisions Make Up Ei
Just like the original Beauty Blender, this sponge comes in a hot pink colour and expands when it comes in contact with water. It has two ends, one for covering larger areas and one that reaches into corners pretty well. It feels very soft against my skin and gives it that dewy finish that everyone loves about a good Beauty Blender. 
It's a bit of a pain to clean, which I don't think is a huge problem as due to the price tag you won't have to feel bad if you ditch yours for a new one once every two months. 

Have you found a good dupe for the Beauty Blender yet or do you prefer the original?

Monday, 10 November 2014

New In: Daisy Dream by Marc Jacos

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream fragrance bottle 50ml
Bless the -20% sale at Douglas which made it possible for me to get this gem along with a shower gel and the body lotion for only 56€ instead of the regular 70€. If you've been reading my blog for a little while, you'll have noticed that I've been lusting for Marc Jacob's Daisy Dream ever since it hit the shelves. Or more like, ever since this scent hit every single popular YouTube channel I'm subscribed to.

This fruity floral fragrance might not be a season appropriate buy but I honestly could not care less.

"The fragrance bursts with top notes of blackberry, grapefruit and pear. The heart notes are introduced with a bouquet of jasmine, lychee and blue wisteria. A medley of white woods, musks and coconut water reveal the base notes." -
In all honesty, I'm definitely not the best at distinguishing different scents from another but what I can say is that Daisy Dream is a truly wonderful eau de toilette that you should definitely give a try if you haven't already!

By the way, for all Austrians of you who are reading this: on the 16th of November, Douglas has another -20% sale on their website, so don't miss it if you're looking into getting something for yourself or if you're already shopping for Christmas presents!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Outfit: The Parisian

The Parisian Outfit Breton Stripes Primark Clutch Platforms
The Parisian Outfit Breton Stripes Primark Clutch Platforms
The Parisian Outfit Breton Stripes Primark Clutch Platforms
The Parisian Outfit Breton Stripes Primark Clutch PlatformsThe Parisian Outfit Breton Stripes Primark Clutch Platforms

The Parisian Outfit Breton Stripes Primark Clutch Platforms
The Parisian Outfit Breton Stripes Primark Clutch Platforms
The Parisian Outfit Breton Stripes Primark Clutch Platforms
H&M jacket (old, simlar) & scarf | Primark clutch & boots | Zara jeans | shirt - shop in Cannes (similar)

Wearing this outfit gave me the biggest urge to travel in a long time. Not only does the top sport the typical French breton stripes, but I got it no where less than in Cannes when I went there over a year ago. Time flies! I really miss the ocean, the sunny days and the Zara that opened on Sundays.
The Primark boots are definitely my new favourites. I've fallen in love with platform shoes lately so you'll notice an influx of those for sure.

From here on, my outfit posts are probably going to take a little turn. Be ready!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Review: MAC Styled in Sepia Lipstick (The Matte Lip Limited Edition)

MAC Styled in Sepia Review Swatch dark taupe nude brown cool
Do you know the feeling when a product is one hundred percent more appealing as soon as it's not available anymore? I do now. I was very lucky to snag up one of the last of MAC's Matte Lip limited edition lipsticks in Styled In Sepia. Thank god! It was all over my last A/W Edit thanks to Tamira's recommendation on Lipstick With Some Sunshine but, as always, I waited far too long to pick it up.

MAC Styled in Sepia Review Swatch dark taupe nude brown cool
Styled in Sepia is a gorgeous, cool and taupey nude with a matte finish. MAC affectionally calls it a "dirty cement beige". It's a limited edition colour and mostly sold out at counters, but there are still some available on the US website.

natural light

MAC Styled in Sepia Review Swatch dark taupe nude brown coolMAC Styled in Sepia Review Swatch dark taupe nude brown cool

First off, I'm sure this lipstick is not for everyone but I'm equally sure that it'll look great on a wide range of complexions. I was positively surprised by its effect on my NW13 skin as I totally thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off. The formulation is not very moisturizing but not overly drying either. It's longlasting and pleasant to wear. It looks absolutely fine on its own when applied carefully but it'd look even better slightly overdrawn and with a matching lipliner. 
Note: my swatch was taken before fixing the lipstick up with a brush so the application is not the neatest but they turned out the best colour-wise, which is what counts in the end, right?

If you're a fan of the 90's revival just like me then you absolutely need this lipstick! Better swatch it at the counter first, though, if you do have the choice.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Unexpected Winterzauber Fashion Event

Unexpected Winterzauber 2014 Vienna Wien
Bag, hat & wine belong to Heike @Steirerblut und Himbeersaft.
On the 30th of October, I was fortunate enough to be invited as a VIP to the Unexpected Winterzauber Event at the Donau Centre in Vienna. Thinking about Christmas one day prior to Halloween might sound a little weird but it felt absolutely right. It was a very nice promotional event during which you couldn't only pick up amazing bargains at some of the shops but there was also an entertaining program for VIPs starting off with the possibility of having your picture taken by the Austrian star photographer Manfred Baumann. This is how mine turned out! I'm so glad that Heike asked me to join her to get pictures or else I probably wouldn't have gone.

Afterwards, the fashion show with brands like Gap, G-Star Raw, Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry and many more started. It was very pleasant to watch but it also felt a little stressed. Taking pictures during it felt almost impossible with my photography gear as the models were pacing up and down constantly, only stopping for mere seconds. The garments that were presented weren't really my style but pretty nice nevertheless.

Unexpected Winterzauber 2014 Vienna Wien
Unexpected Winterzauber 2014 Vienna Wien
Unexpected Winterzauber 2014 Vienna Wien
Aren't the shoes in the last shot to-die-for? They're from G-Star Raw and really expensive. I'm already holding my eyes open for a less pricy alternative.After the fashion show, we had an hour and a half do to some shopping but we mostly spent it roaming around the Donau Centre. The time passed rather quickly and the next thing we knew was that the raffle had started. While sipping some cocktails we hoped to be lucky enough to win a Trip to Abu Dhabi or one of the smaller prizes. Unfortunately, we didn't win anything although it was really close once! 
The event was lovely and I'm very grateful for having us bloggers.

For me, the festive season may as well commence!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Favourites

October Favourites Miss Blue Eyes Mac Franknfurter Urban Decay Naked 2 Primer Potion Ebelin Makeup Ei Primark Clutch
Autumn is passing faster than ever for me, which may or may not be the case because it's my first semester off school and at university. I still have not had a Pumpkin Spice Latte and I doubt I will until it's gone for this season. I was actually planning to film a video version of this, too, but my time-management was too poor. Anyway, let's jump right into last month's favourites, shall we?

1) Camel H&M scarf
This was definitely my most-valued fashion buy in October. It came with a bunch of other rather disappointing stuff in a big H&M order, it was the only thing I kept and it does just what it needs to. The scarf holds me warm really well without sticking out too much, which means I can wear it with any of my coats I like.

2) Primark clutch
This clutch was a very unexpected Primark find. I don't really go for clutches at all to be honest but I liked this one so much (and it was only 5€) that I had to take it with me along with a second, larger one with gold accents. Plus, it totally doesn't have this cheap-ish Primark feel to it, despite the low price tag. All in all, a good buy for the same amount of money that a PSL would have been.

3) MAC Frank-n-Furter
I got too many compliments over the course of October when wearing this lipstick not to add it to my favourites. I don't even have a clue why but everyone seems to love it, including me, of course. I'd go as far as calling it Diva's more popular little brother by now.

4) Naked 2 Palette
This palette was a gift from my lovely boyfriend and I absolutely adore it. Neutral eyeshadow has become my thing lately and this palette makes it super easy to create looks that are not over-the-top but still glamorous. A full review and swatches will be on my blog in the close future even though I think that, by now, everyone knows this gorgeous palette by heart.

5) Urban Decay Primer Potion
I always doubted that this product was actually worth its price tag but it really is. This has definitely become a holy grail product for my oily eyelids which like to eat make-up over the course of the day.

6) Ebelin Make-Up Ei
I'm very positive that I found a really good dupe for the original Beauty Blender for a fraction of its price. This has really amazed me so far and I can't wait to share my final thoughts about this tool with yo

Not Pictured:

7) Calvin Klein Euphoria Gold
A very lovely scent which I got a sample of, but unfortunately I had misplaced it by the time of taking the monthly favourites picture. My boyfriend called this scent "Chanel no5 but more youthful" and I think that's pretty much spot on. It's definitely more winter-appropriate than my usual go-to scent so I've been wearing it a lot recently. The camel scarf I mentioned earlier already smells a lot like it!

8) Studs and Dreams - Lorna's Blog / YT channel
I've absolutely been loving Lorna's blog and YouTube channel as of lately. She is absolutely lovely and I'd definitely urge to to check her out if you haven't already!

That's it for my October favourites! I hope you had a great month and that you're looking forward to November and December as much as I am!

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