Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Outfit: We're quite A Sassy Nation

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EMP Hoodie borrowed from my boyfriend | Black Milk A-Sassy-Nation bodysuit | Fashionsuzy shorts | Urban Outfitters necklace | H&M shoes & rings | Primark earrings

My boyfriend's hoodie has definitely become one of my favourites in the colder months. I've been borrowing it quite a lot, much to his discontent, haha! I'm really channeling my inner 90's grunge girl with this look and I gotta say that I'm quite content with how it turned out. However, it's not really something I'd wear on a day-to-day basis. I'm more of a casual / boho look kind of girl, I guess. Switch the super flashy bodysuit with a fitted tee and I'm good to go! Plus, the center part just won't stay no matter how often I swipe my bangs to the side.


  1. Oooh great outfit. I could see Khloe Kardashian wearing this!


  2. Love that bodysuit! I could never rock it, but you're killing it. And haha, my bangs do the exact opposite -- no matter what I do, it finds its way to that deep right part. Sigh.

    Sara // Dear Skim

  3. you look lovely! love your shoes! amazing

  4. Perfect style :)

    Camille xo

  5. Love this look! It's so edgy and sassy! That lipstick color is gorgeous

  6. I totally adore your bodysuit looks soo edgy!

    Much love xxx

  7. Thank you! I'd have never thought of her but I feel very flattered!

  8. Thank you! You wouldn't believe how many days it spend at the back of my closet before I decided to wear it out. :) Bangs are so wayward!

  9. Super cooler Look !!!
    Ich bewunder dich, dass du mit den Schuhen gehen kannst, ich würd dann nur in der Gegend rumstolpern ;)


  10. Such a badass look, the lipstick you paired everything with could not be more perfect. It definitely gives a 90s vibe.

  11. Ahhh you look so amazing! LOVE the bodysuit!!!


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