Thursday, 6 November 2014

Review: MAC Styled in Sepia Lipstick (The Matte Lip Limited Edition)

MAC Styled in Sepia Review Swatch dark taupe nude brown cool
Do you know the feeling when a product is one hundred percent more appealing as soon as it's not available anymore? I do now. I was very lucky to snag up one of the last of MAC's Matte Lip limited edition lipsticks in Styled In Sepia. Thank god! It was all over my last A/W Edit thanks to Tamira's recommendation on Lipstick With Some Sunshine but, as always, I waited far too long to pick it up.

MAC Styled in Sepia Review Swatch dark taupe nude brown cool
Styled in Sepia is a gorgeous, cool and taupey nude with a matte finish. MAC affectionally calls it a "dirty cement beige". It's a limited edition colour and mostly sold out at counters, but there are still some available on the US website.

natural light

MAC Styled in Sepia Review Swatch dark taupe nude brown coolMAC Styled in Sepia Review Swatch dark taupe nude brown cool

First off, I'm sure this lipstick is not for everyone but I'm equally sure that it'll look great on a wide range of complexions. I was positively surprised by its effect on my NW13 skin as I totally thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off. The formulation is not very moisturizing but not overly drying either. It's longlasting and pleasant to wear. It looks absolutely fine on its own when applied carefully but it'd look even better slightly overdrawn and with a matching lipliner. 
Note: my swatch was taken before fixing the lipstick up with a brush so the application is not the neatest but they turned out the best colour-wise, which is what counts in the end, right?

If you're a fan of the 90's revival just like me then you absolutely need this lipstick! Better swatch it at the counter first, though, if you do have the choice.


  1. Looks great on you, it's a nice color!


  2. Love this shade! Something so different from what I would go for, but its the perfect 90s brown lip shade and I'm a huge fan of the trend!
    xo Franchesca

  3. Love the dark lipstick. looks great on you

    Made in Mauve

  4. haven't seen such a pretty colour like this. looks great on you

  5. Oh wow that is stunning, I love brown lipsticks so it's definitely for me <3 I don't have any MAC lipsticks, I find it quite shocking considering how many I want but hey ;) xx

  6. Sehr cool die Farbe :)


  7. I looks amazing on you, so glad you were able to grab one! xoxo I use M.A.C Stripdown liner with it!


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