Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Unexpected Winterzauber Fashion Event

Unexpected Winterzauber 2014 Vienna Wien
Bag, hat & wine belong to Heike @Steirerblut und Himbeersaft.
On the 30th of October, I was fortunate enough to be invited as a VIP to the Unexpected Winterzauber Event at the Donau Centre in Vienna. Thinking about Christmas one day prior to Halloween might sound a little weird but it felt absolutely right. It was a very nice promotional event during which you couldn't only pick up amazing bargains at some of the shops but there was also an entertaining program for VIPs starting off with the possibility of having your picture taken by the Austrian star photographer Manfred Baumann. This is how mine turned out! I'm so glad that Heike asked me to join her to get pictures or else I probably wouldn't have gone.

Afterwards, the fashion show with brands like Gap, G-Star Raw, Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry and many more started. It was very pleasant to watch but it also felt a little stressed. Taking pictures during it felt almost impossible with my photography gear as the models were pacing up and down constantly, only stopping for mere seconds. The garments that were presented weren't really my style but pretty nice nevertheless.

Unexpected Winterzauber 2014 Vienna Wien
Unexpected Winterzauber 2014 Vienna Wien
Unexpected Winterzauber 2014 Vienna Wien
Aren't the shoes in the last shot to-die-for? They're from G-Star Raw and really expensive. I'm already holding my eyes open for a less pricy alternative.After the fashion show, we had an hour and a half do to some shopping but we mostly spent it roaming around the Donau Centre. The time passed rather quickly and the next thing we knew was that the raffle had started. While sipping some cocktails we hoped to be lucky enough to win a Trip to Abu Dhabi or one of the smaller prizes. Unfortunately, we didn't win anything although it was really close once! 
The event was lovely and I'm very grateful for having us bloggers.

For me, the festive season may as well commence!


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