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Christmas Gifts: For Him

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Are you in a festive mood yet? I'm not too sure about myself yet, but I absolutely love the decorations that are starting to be put up everywhere now, especially on the high street! Everything is just too pretty! This version of my gift guide was definitely harder to create than the first one, but I'm very positive that there is something for every kind of guy in here!

This seems like a no-brainer, but it's not as easy as it looks. There is hardly any variety in guy's fashion (well, less than there is in women's anyway) so you will have to know exactly what is going to be worn and what is going to end up on the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" stash.

Not only ladies wear jewelry, which is why silver rings or leather bracelets would make such great gifts. Alternatively, you could go for a nice backpack, messenger back, a nice notebook or - if applicable - for a flashy smartphone case.

Perfume sets, shaving sets, traveling sets... the list is endless. Just make sure that whatever you buy will be used. A beard trimming set for someone who likes to shave blank might not be a whole success.

For the Reader
Books are always a great gift. It doesn't matter whether you choose to gift them digitally or on the traditional way, whether it's a novel, an autobiography or something for the coffee table - you can find something for any taste.

For the (hobby-)Photographer
If you're not into cameras and you're afraid you could screw up with the wrong gift, why don't go for some photography-inspired gadget like these shot glasses or a coffee mug in the shape of a Canon lens instead? Alternatively, Instant cameras or Lomography cameras have been on trend lately so it's extremely easy to get hold of them again.

For the Gamer
This one is easy as long as you know what genre he likes. Just keep an eye on the latest gaming releases and, please, for the love of god, don't get an XBox game if he has a PlayStation.

Personalised Gifts & DIY
Nothing is more personal than something self-made or custom-made. If you're short of ideas, just have a quick look through Pinterest, I'm sure you'll find something suitable there.

And if all of the above still don't cater for the needs of the guy you're getting a gift for, you can still resort to a gift card for his favourite restaurant in a christmas-y envelope.


  1. Those are awesome gift ideas! I'm getting my fiancé a game for his xbox, so I will make sure to get him the right game for his game system.


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