Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Manicure: Green and Gold

Christmas Manicure Primark Benecos Essie

If there's something I've always loved on other people but never got into myself it's complicated nailart. Sure, I love stickers and all that jazz but my nails are just way too tiny to pull off anything that goes beyond two different colours. Which is exactly why I went for something toned down yet festive for Christmas. Here is what I'm planning to wear on my nails!

Christmas Manicure Primark Benecos Pepper Green Essie

Base: Benecos Pepper Green
A gorgeous, muted petrol nail varnish I recently won in a giveaway held by the lovely Svetlana of LavenderStar. I love how this nail varnish is super versatile and not too bright so it'll go with loads of different outfits and accessories. The brush is quite small - which I love since it suits the size of my nails super well.

Accent: Primark Glitter Nail Varnish from 2011
I only really dug this one up for this manicure as I hardly ever used Primark's nail varnishes anymore. I remembered why quite promptly: It smells horrendously and takes ages to dry. I can't recommend this one at all but it'll do for Christmas.

Top Coat: Essie All in One Base + Top Coat + Strengthener
Something to hold everything in place. I think it works better as a base but it's decent either way.

What are you going to wear on your nails for Christmas? Are you going for the classic red or are you planning to change it up a little? 


  1. Such a pretty color! I'm not planning on painting them but if I did I would choose a red color :)


  2. This is the kinda look that's easy to do but looks really complicated, my kinda nail art haha!

    I'm honestly terrible with maintaining my nails... I'd love to make more of an effort but feel like I don't have the time to keep them nice and painted :(

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  3. Yes exactly! I'm super terrible with doing my nails, too, which is why I'm usually going for something super simple. Anything else ends up in a disaster! It does take a lot of time to keep them painted all the time, especially if you're like me and constantly chip your nail polish. x(

  4. Thank you! I was thinking about red too but then this green caught my eye and it was over. :P


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