Monday, 8 December 2014

Outfit: Casual Grunge

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Forever 21 biker jacket & bag | Brandy Melville shirt & ring | Zara jeans | Dr. Martens floral boots | Parfois bracelet*

I can hardly remember the last time I wore flats in one of my outfit posts even though I wear them all the time. It's just so much more comfortable to throw on a pair of boots when running errands than to stumble across the cobbled roads in heels.
The t-shirt was a Vinted find, a website that I've been frequenting for bargains a lot recently. I just love second hand shopping and Vinted (Kleiderkreisel, if you're from a German-speaking region) just makes it so easy!


  1. Great OOTD as always, Elina! Love the leather jacket.. I have to bust mine out soon but with a massive scarf cause its getting so cold in Ireland! Love the statement Docs with a paired back outfit, too! :)

  2. Loving this grunge inspired look. The shoes are so beautiful and I'm loving the necklace. x

  3. That lip color is giving me eeeverything. Also adore the boots! My own pair of Dr. Martens makes me look clunky, but you pull it off well!

    Sara //

  4. You look great Elina, love the lip color! :)


  5. Forever 21 is crazy good at the moment! I could shop there all day long! x

  6. Thank you, Jessica! I'm glad you like it! It was somewhat of an experiment, I mixed two lipcolours and this was the outcome. :)

  7. Aww, thank you, Sara! I tried to achieve a MAC Rebel-like shade with what I had at home. I know the feeling, I used to think that way as well but you'll get used to the look if you wear them often.

  8. Thank you so much, Gracey! I don't think I could still go out with only my leather jacket on - it has gotten far too cold for that, sadly. :(

  9. I had my eyes on this F21 bag with fringe for a while, it looks so good!
    I like your hair bun too!:)

    Oly / TLV Birdie Blog


  10. Sehr schöner Look :)
    Und der Lippenstift steht dir ja super gut :)



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